Dec 15, 2005

appliance update...

for those of you that i'm sure were waiting with bated breath.

the plumber actually came today.

and guess what? he doesn't fix dishwashers.

dishwasher drainage is an appliance problem, not a plumbing problem (which i somewhat suspected).


i'm lazy. i'm washing dishes by hand and i don't like it.

stay tuned...

in other news....

heard in the news about the "Lucky 7" here in the O.C.? they won the big Mega Million jackpot. $315 million.

thatsa lotsa moolah.

well, now there's a guy who says he's played lotto with this group before, but he was off work the day they bought their lucky ticket. so, of course, this guy is suing for a piece of the action.

according to the L7's, he hasn't played with them in over a year. and if he wasn't there at work the day they bought the ticket, well, to quote one of the winners "that's the way the cookies crumble."

kinda havta agree. unless you have a standing agreement with your lotto group, if you snooze, you lose.

but i'd sure be kicking myself in the bum for the next 40 years if i missed an opportunity like $315 million.

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