Dec 27, 2005

if i'm begging for food -

how did i get so fat?

Subortinate. You can't help yourself. You are
probably a random stranger that came upon the
pack later on in your life. It took you long
enough to prove yourself to them. The pups beg
from you for food. You get hardly anything to
eat. You suck, basically. Get your act together
and rise above the subortinate position.

What kind of wolf are you?
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Pam in Moncton said...

Hi there! I have no idea about the wolf, but I wanted to say I am enjoying reading your blog after seeing it posted on CKMB in the post where someone was asking about blog sites. I like all your list of odd truths, your other ideas and I wanted to say I LOVE Norad tracks Santa, even though I am 53 with grown-up children who think I'm odd when I come down stairs and say things like, "Santa's in Moscow!". I wish they had this when my kids were little, well, they did, but not on the net of course because there was no such thing. Good to see a fellow Santa tracker!