Dec 6, 2005

good morning, yesterday.....

so i was thinking about my day yesterday...a really good day.

started off by getting a TON of laundry done. saw a crawler on the a.m. news about "...Information Services Directories"

hmmmm...i work for a phone directory company.

oh well. never saw it again.

went to the neurosurgeon. found out that 1) i have a really, really weak back. 2) i HAVE to lose weight this time, or i will just reinjure my back & 3) THIS time there will be a steel rod implanted.


he also truly explained what happened to me. now, if he had done that at our first meeting, i wouldn't have felt like i wanted to beat him for being an insensitive dolt. i won't go into the detail he did, except to say that what happened is a cyst was formed out of the cushioning fluids we all have around our spine. it in turn, pushed against a disk, causing it to herniate & press into the nerve.

we are fearfully & wonderfully made.

so - long story even longer, i'm joining Weight Watchers this weekend. pray for me.

leave the doctor's, decide to stop by work to tell my boss that i won't be back till next year. yep, the doctor has written me out till 01/06. (oh and i FINALLY start PT in two weeks)

get to work & everyone is strangely subdued..even for a Monday.

here's why. remember the news crawler i mentioned earlier? well, that was MY company, and our parent is looking to divest my division.

oh. joy.

needless to say, there was a LOT of scared faces. all i could think was "how ironic..i finally get promoted and this happens." and how typical, for the company to announce something like this right before the Holidays. they've done this before, when we had a lay-off about three years ago. who is thinking when they do this?

i worry. not for myself, but for my friend who's the single mom, making house payments. but, i truly believe, even if the company got sold in January, it would take a year or more to have everything run through Washington to ensure no conflict of interests, etc.

step two for me...take classes. learn Photoshop, InDesign et al.


then Brendan & i drove down to Oceanside/Vista in northern San Diego county. B lived here before we married & it so feels like home to me. had a great lunch of pan-fried lo-mein @ Riceadle (think rice & noodle), then i got to visit my other favorite scrapbook shop, then we had Coldstone for dessert (might as well get it all in now before Saturday).

in spite of it - all in all a good day.

so - 2006 will be a turning point for me. new challenges. new opportunities.

and with any luck, a new wardrobe. in a smaller size.


Cynthia said...

You go girl! I'll pray for you.

Doug Bagley said...

We'll be cheering you on so don't forget to keep us up to date on your progress. I empathize with you and your herniated disc. As they say, "been there done that."
Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments.