Dec 1, 2007

where in the world IS she?

there. and everywhere.

the Husband is better, thanks for asking. but here's the rub of where i've been...he's been taking the laptop to work lately to work on his schoolwork. so, when i get home (when i usually check in on y'all and write)from work, no laptop.

no laptop-no blogging.

no blogging-no fun.

no fun-cranky me.

today's December 1st. hard to believe we're down to the last few weeks of this year. AND only 23 more shopping days until Christmas.

good grief.

it rained here yesterday...SO love the rain - it's the latent Oregon gene in me. i am completely happy just sitting and watching it rain. however, my job has other ideas. they are SUCH bah humbugs.

back to Christmas. i cannot believe it's almost here. i still have Christmas cards to finish, much less address, buy stamps for & mail. presents to buy. gifts to finish. a Christmas dinner to order from Knott's (oh yummiest of yums!), and of course all the cooking, baking and stuff that comes with this time of year.

i just need more time to do it all in. just like everyone else.

speaking of Christmas...

the fun part is buying gifts for kids. at least for me. especially when i'm buying gifts i know they want. the look when they open it and see it.

that rocks.

i have memories of gifts like that. the Barbie i wanted more than life itself. the Barbie makeup head. (looking back, it's a little disturbing. especially when i would take the head off and stick it on a broomstick, THEN put one of my dresses on the broomstick with duct tape.

i'm thinking now i probably would have benefitted from some sort of psychiactic help back then.

then there was the Valerie doll i SO wanted. i mean how often does a doll come out named Valerie? she was blonde. she was cute. AND she was named Valerie.

i got paper dolls named Valerie.

don't get me wrong. i was an only child, but believe me, i wasn't spoiled. i had three cousins that were as spoiled as the day was long. THEY got Vidal Sassoon jeans. I got Toughskins. not that big a thing, but the line was there.

30 years later, i got my dang Valerie doll. thank heavens for eBay.

and i love it.

see? a Christmas wish is a good one...even fulfilled some 30 years later.


Tug said...

I got everything I asked did my daughter, and now my grandkids.

This madness has to stop somewhere.'s madness.

Pat said...

Thank goodness you're back! LOL!
Love reading your Christmas memories!

Barbie first came out when I was about 6, and I wanted one so bad - never ever got one! (she was quite controversial back then...)
Now my sisters and I all have closets full of them - therapy would have been cheaper!