Dec 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

and a Merry Christmas to you & yours from me and mine.

bad english. no cookie for me.

it's started out quietly enough and i'm completely good with that. Santa came last night, bringing unnecessary goodies in our stockings (including Silly Putty, a key chain pinball machine and a pocket Etch-a-Sketch.

goody! now i can lose my mind while trying to draw on a pocket Etch-a-Sketch. or, maybe because it's smaller, i'll only lose a smaller part of me noggin.

Santa brought a new suit, extra pants, black dress shirt and a new black tie for Brendan. Elvis got a clean litter box (believe me, that is truly the gift that keeps on giving), a new batch of kitty grass to eat and kitty treats to nosh.

oh, along with some bites of ham for breakfast. dang cat lives better than some kids.

Santa also brought two dvds for Yours Truly, along with the Bind-it-All i wanted.
wise one, the Big Kahuna is. very wise indeed.

my parental units are off to Disneyland again, spending another day with the grand & great grand kids.

did i not tell you? my stepbrother's oldest daughter, her husband and their three kids are out here, along with her mom, brother and various other family members, visiting Disneyland on Make-a-Wish's dimes.

oldest daughter's oldest son has leukemia. he's been on treatments for almost three years now, and they believe they have it in remission. thank God.

five is too young to be knowing so much about hospitals, ports and other such things.


Make-a-Wish contacted them, asking if he were chosen, what would he like to do? his answer was to take his family to Disneyland and meet Sully from "Monsters Inc".

and so it came to pass that the good people of Make-a-Wish flew Kyler and the whole famdamily out here and Disneyland arranged a special party so Kyler could meet Sully.

probably a good thing i wasn't there. all my mascara would've been somewhere along my jawline.

as for us right now, we're both in our jammies, Husband is still napping, we have a James Bond movie on the TV and the cat is searching for a nice, quiet lap to lay in.

indeed - all is calm.

wishing you the magic only this day can bring. Merry Christmas.


Pat said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day!
...and how great of the Make-a-Wish folks - Hope Kyler stays in remission!
Also, love the fresh new look of the blog!

ScrapAddictNV said...

That is awesome about the whole make a wish thing!
From a person who is in remission from Breast Cancer, I think that it's great to actually hear of a charity doing good - most often you know what they do, but never hear about the life they've touched. This to me is a real Christmas gift.
I hope your oldest daughter's oldest son stays in remission and never has to go through the pains again!

Melissa said...

Sometimes, relaxing in front of the boob tube is the best way to spend a holiday.

I know that's how I'll be spending New Years eve!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an utterly divine day. I had a house full!


Mama P said...

That leukemia stuff scares the bejeeebus out of me. How fantastic it's in remission for your newphew, but still... scary stuff. Let us know how he liked Sully!