Dec 31, 2007

that was the year that was.

365 days.
12 months.
52 weeks.

it was a year of unexpected delights, of new jobs, of laughter, evilness and silliness.

a year of meeting new friends online. of sharing your joys, fears, terrors and tears.

i cried with you when the tests came back negative. prayed for you when your parents/children were suddenly, unexpectedly hospitalized.

we shared more this year, than i think i've shared with my 'real life' friends.

this was a year of endings. of beginnings. of boredom. of thrills.

a year of weight gain. and for many of you, weight loss (you GO, girl!).

a year that brought us something as horrific as kids being shot in West Virginia.
and as laughable as this. or, God help us, this.

a year that ended with no new TV shows. once again, writers rock.

a year that involved being lied to about my best friend having a diabetic episode to get me out to my own surprise birthday party and also involved going to Whittier for Mexican food. (i know. i plan on letting this go soon. just not yet.)

i'm blessed because i'm ending the year with every member of my family still here. and i'm also ending it with the same ol' Husband i started the year with.

a new year is always looked at as a new beginning. a chance to start again and to make resolutions. but the cool thing is, every day we are allowed to live is a chance for a new beginning.

that is the coolest thing of all. no need to wait until December 31st to make changes. changes can begin right now. no waiting till midnight. no waiting period.

and i cannot think of better people to share it with. Happy New Year.


doodlebugmom said...

Wonderful post my friend!

I was glad to be part of your 2007, look forward to being here in 2008 too!

Mama P said...

Happy New Year to you! Just so you know, you're the background music at my New Year's Eve bash! Toddler and boring parent mania! We need fun stuff like your sounds. Thanks!

elle said...

Have a wonderful wonderful wonderful New Year and thanks for sharing gems of fun and wisdom from the last one!

In a completely random sidenote for which I am semi-famous, Daniel Powter was singing to me from your playlist. I love that song and he is a local boy to boot!

Melissa said...

Yes, Happy New Year to you too!

Pat said...

Happy New Year to you too - and thanks for making the past year ever so much more enjoyable!

Susie Q said...

You are a blessin' you me dear friend...a pure blessin'.
Happy New Year.