Jan 1, 2008

happy 2008.

y'know, back in the day, i could not imagine me being 45.

i mean..sheesh! that was so old.

i remember being in 5th grade, and our teacher was getting married. we actually had the cahones to stand there and say that she'd better hurry up and have babies...she didn't have too many good years left.

looking back, it's a miracle she even promoted us to the 6th grade.

now - 45 doesn't seem that old. on most days.

today? i feel 85.

last night, Husband and i continued a tradition we started when we began dating - we have dinner at a teppan restaurant (like Benihana).

and, as the afternoon progressed, i kept coughing. not a good sign.

right now, i'm planted in our recliner, with two quilts over me, still coughing and my legs hurt like a mofo.

what a great way to start out the new year! get sick!!

thankfully - the Husband left to go shooting with his friend. and i'm fine with that, because he's a crummy nurse. i'd rather suffer in silence.

or suffer here on the blog.

so - now that i finished whining, let me share three goals (i ain't a-saying resolutions, i hate that word). feel free to join in.

  1. take a photo a day in '08. quite the idea i picked up here.
  2. complete 100 layouts in '08 (blatantly stolen from Linda. i have my doubts on this one , but i'm gonna give it a shot.)
  3. (and this should be #1) rejoining Weight Watchers and get back on track. Melissa has inspired me every.dang.day. and i need to do this for no one but me.

not sure how i'm gonna start the photo a day in '08 today...me feeling like crap and it's as windy as all get out out there. matter of fact, i think i just saw a house and some broad on a broom twist by.

but i'm gonna give it a shot. because every day we get a chance to make a new beginning.

and i get to make one with Theraflu.


Hillary said...

Happy New Year - hope you're feeling better!

Steff said...

Oh oh...can I steal all three?! Actually scrapbooking was on my goal (I'm banning the use of the word resolution!) list, but I like this idea too. You'll post those layouts right?! You always have such cute layouts and I'm a scraplifter so you'd better get busy! Ha ha. :)

doodlebugmom said...

Hope you are feeling better.
At first I thought 100 layouts a year seemed like a lot, but its only 2 a week..with a week off for your birthday and Christmas!

skrpndiva said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. What a crappy way to start your year!


Pat said...

Awww - feel better soon!
...by the way - I was so touched by your previous post, that I quoted you on my blog, I hope that's ok!