Jan 6, 2008

no shortage here.

in this day of shortages, overpriced goods and equally overpriced real estate, i can guarantee you this:

as long as i can breathe (sort of), there will not be a shortage of snot.

'nuff said.

in other news...

Brendan got an i-Pod.

there. i said it. happy now?

(ed. note: as the Husband was now walking off to bed, he said 'ooh! are you mentioning that i got a new i-Pod?'
(no, i said.
('sheesh. and i thought your world revolved around me.'
(see baby? it does. it really does.)


skrpndiva said...

I love my I-pod. I do, I do!

Hope you feel better this coming week babycakes. I can't believe you're still under the weather.

Of course, with this friggin' rain, we're all under the weather!


rmeyfe said...

LOL about your hubby and the iPod, sounds like something my hubby would say. Sometimes I think he needs to get his own blog.

Get well soon!!!

Allison said...

Yay... new iPod... I pretty much love mine :)

Melissa said...

Yay for him - see if he can download some scrapbooking podcasts or something for you!

(You know - what's his is yours, and whats yours is yours.)

Mama P said...

Feel good. And you're not old because you're sick and over 45. You're old because you sleep in a RECLINER! LOL!

smileymamaT said...

Ew. Snot. That's a long-butt cold you got there. You're changing the pillowcases and opening the windows and drinking OJ right? (OK that was Mama Hen speaking, she's done.)
Feel Betta soon!