Jan 28, 2008

hey now.

first off....let's just say to Tug- i have nothing against Johnny Depp. he's cool.

i just don't know if i could spent oodles of time with him. he's so.....deep sometimes, i don't think he'd be even slightly interested in talking to me. not that i'm so egotistical to think that anyone else on my short list is chomping at the bit to hang with me.

i'm sure Alton is dying to talk cooking and scrapbooking and photography with me.
and yes. Matthew needs a shower.

i scrapped Saturday. for me.
i know. calm yourselves. i've been working on an album for a chickie i work with. she and her family is planning a surprise 70th bday party for their mom, and part of it involves a scrapbook of her mom.

those of you that scrap, you know the importance of good photos. they don't have to be Ansel Adams good, but good enough to look good.

they probably shouldn't be copies of copies. that would be bad.

yep. it kills me to put some of those in there. one of them had that texture pattern on it. remember that from the 70s? well, make a copy of that, then make another copy of the copy and you've got something completely gross.

it goes against everything we go with as scrapbookers. and, with my ego in play, there's also the fact that i know her mom is pretty dang critical. (almost as critical as her daughter)
she is gonna bitch about it.
the good thing is, i ain't gonna be there to hear.
goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, me!

so back to yesterday...i decided to do something for me. for the first time this year.

i made two birthday cards and three layouts. and thanks to Maureen for allowing me to publish two of the three (sorry honey, i forgot to take a picture of the other layout. i'll do that tonight and send it to you).

these layouts were made with animal testing...Elvis kept jumping up on the table. at one point, he got a rub-on stuck to his paw and flicked it off before i could grab it.

i still don't know where it landed.

and the journaling:

holy freaking Batzoids. i love this photo.

sorry. not the best shot ever.
happy Monday.


Allison said...

Can I just say, I love your handwriting?

Melissa said...

Those are great! Sometimes it feels good to just get to do a couple of layouts, doesn't it?

Tug said...

Oh...there's conversation involved? I don't want to TALK to Johnny...heh. ;-) My bad.

Your scrapbooking looks awesome! My daughter does that - I just don't have it in me.

Anonymous said...

No, THAT is the cutest, smartest, sweetest boy I have EVER seen! I, too think you were blessed by the photog Gods, but when you are working with that kind of subject, you really can't go wrong....

OK, OK so I'm biased... being his Mom and all... But He LOVES you Aunt Valerie and is proud that you put his picture on your Blog! He feels like a movie star! You are a cool chick and my kids are lucky to have you! You ROCK, sistah!