Jan 25, 2008

and so it goes.

Brendan's interview went well...or so he says!

thanks so much for your well wishes, prayers, candles and offerings to Buddah. he was there for over an hour, got a tour of the facility and all the other stuff you do when you court a fellah.

this place is just starting up their direct mail processes, so it would be a great challenge for him to be at the ground level of something like this.

they said they'd contact him early next week.

it's gonna be a long, wet weekend.

get your mind outta the gutter. it's supposed to rain all this weekend. and what's really insane, is that Southern California has gotten more rain lately than Seattle.


that's just wrong.


Mama P said...

You made me laugh with the rain comment on my blog. You're right! Caught! That photo of Stink and my hubby was taken a few days before the Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Good luck to the hubby. And thank you,Valerie, for always reading my stuff.


Anonymous said...

As wrong as it may be, we really need the rain and I, for one, don't want to be told if and when I can either water my lawn or wash my car!!


Mary Ann said...

I hope all goes well and he gets "the call".

doodlebugmom said...

keep us posted on the job status :)