Jan 28, 2008

damn 65 year old kids.

so i came home tonight, hearing my neighbor talking to one of their cats.

she's sitting on the steps leading up to our place.

i ask her how she's doing and she says something i don't understand, so i lean in to her.

she is beyond bombed.

please, i pray to myself, do not light up a cigarette.

and guess what - i still can't understand what she's saying.

she's waiting on our downstairs neighbor to come home.

she does not have a key.

it's cold. but hey, i'll bet she's warm (wink, nudge).

later, Brendan goes down to his truck, and she's still sitting there. still waiting. so, he decides to walk her over to the assistant manager's place to get the spare key.

he won't let her have the key because she's not on the lease.

meanwhile, we get to her her talk to herself and cry off and on. i don't want her up here (very unChristian of me, i realize). so she continues to sit.

then, i hear her pounding on the downstairs neighbor's door.

and yelling.

and crying.

and still sounds drunk.

so yes, i called the police.

it's quiet now. but, like i told the dispatcher, one's for sure drunk, the neighbor might bloody well be drunk, and someone's gonna get hurt.

man. what a great example these elders are.

in other news...
my bad. Brendan doesn't find out about the job until Wednesday. and yes, i will let you know. i appreciate all your good wishes.

as does he.


skrpndiva said...

Wowzers, what a thing to come home to after a long day, and a Monday, at work!


Allison said...

Oh drunks. I know one morning at 2 am I was woken up buy one, a guy asking the girl across the hall if, "This Allison in this room, is she hott?"

Susie Q said...

What? You no like drunks?? ARGH!! Have I ever told you about living in the apartment in upstate NY for 3 years? We lived above a divorced Dad with a college age son. Now Dad liked to go away a lot leaving his sweet innocent son home alone. Oh gee was it ever freakin' fun. The stories I could tell...do you think YOUR drunks know our old drunks?? Well, you never know.

I hope it is nice and quiet for you now so you can get lots of rest for Dizzyland. I am STILL envious you know!