Jan 11, 2008


for more than one reason.

i'm glad the week is over because..
- the light i thought i saw at the end of the tunnel with all the new work my location is getting? the euphoria i felt, thinking that this was going to be easier than i thought? that all the schedule making would be easy as pie??

well, that's only if the pie is made with ingredients found in the house. if you have to go to some exotic market in Africa, well, it ain't easy.

the light i saw was the train bearing down on me.

then the train switched tracks.

it probably will be ok. it's just going to be ugly.

i'm glad the week is over because:
- Sunday i fly outta here heading over to Reno. yippee! just a few days, but how fun for me!

i'm glad the week is over because:
- Kenny got to meet Oprah today. seriously.

i'm glad the week is over because:
- i get to sleep in a little tomorrow. AND i went to Target for shower gel and ended up buying a plaid jumper, lace trimmed sweater and a tunic..all for about $21.
not each. total.
first time i ever saw a Target with that good (and well organized) clearance rack. niiice.

i'm glad the week is over because:
- heck. who needs more reasons? happy Friday and happy weekends...i'll be out and about until next Thursday, kids.

stay out of trouble. or don't get caught. peace.


Pat said...

Happy Friday indeed! I pulled up your blog and just spent some time listening to your tunes - I danced around the house like I haven't done in years!
Fun stuff!

skrpndiva said...

Wow, Here I read this on Monday. How anti-clamatic!


Susie Q said...

And I did not get a chance to say bon voyageee...have fun!!!! Ooh. I wanna play Little Pet Shop. Grace won't play it with me anymore. Phooey.