Jan 24, 2008

yep. we actually GOT weather here.

we have weather.

actual weather. in Southern California.

yesterday we got a buttload of rain. at times, frogchoker rain. big fat drops that totally freak Southern California drivers out.


we have no idea how to drive in rain. i think on the average we get 340 sunny days (stop sticking pins in your ValerieVooDooDoll). so when it rains, well....

people go nuts. they either drive like idiots or...like idiots.

personally, i like the rain. i like cloudy days. maybe it's the latent Oregon genes in me. maybe it's the dark, Kurt Cobain side of me.

maybe i'm just weird.


i like the rain. i'd rather be at home, staring out the window, watching us get weather.



smileymamaT said...

oh I totally get that. I love darkish, rainy-drizzly, windy cool days. My friends think I'm a weirdo. Yes, but also, I'm just dramatic, dah-lings.

Melissa said...

People get like that here, too, in the summer after we haven't had rain in a month or so. Completely lose their marbles at the first drop.

I love the rain, but I'd love it more if I could just stay inside once in a while when it did happen!

Allison said...

Just like I'm the only person in Wisconsin who likes the snow and cold weather. Well granted I don't have to shovel or drive in it...

doodlebugmom said...

I saw snow on the news in "sunny California" how far was that from you?

skrpndiva said...

I love the rain too ... as long as I don't have to go out in it!

And, I totally agree ... people in Southern California panic when it starts raining and they have to drive!