Jan 27, 2008

try not to read anything into it.

so this a.m. after we weighed in (oh by the way, 1.2 for me, 1.4 for him. he's lost about 12lbs and i've only lost a little over 5lbs. boys. go fig.), we were talking about tv/movie/music stars we thought were cool.

we had a good list going. Jimmy Stewart. George Clooney. Husband even said Matthew McConaughey. and as we talked about it, i realized something.

my list was all guys.

Alton Brown, Tom Hanks, Garth Brooks.


so. what does that mean?

well, growing up, i always hung out with the adults. my best friends were generally guys. (and yes, that did get me in a lot of trouble in high school with some chicks)

and yes, i still want to meet them.


Tug said...

I love Matthew in movies, but dang...that guy needs to shower, cut his hair & um...shower. ;-)

WHAT ABOUT JOHNNY? Where's Johnny Depp on your lists?? ;-)

doodlebugmom said...

Yay! on the weight loss!

I grew up with three brothers, and now work with men. Good thing I have daughters or I would never be around females. :o)

Jolene George said...

Hey...I like your list! All cool guys.
It's raining here too and I love it so dang much. Instantly makes me smile when I see, hear, smell rain.
I'm so glad DH's job interview went well. Waiting it the hardest part. I pray that he gets it.

Melissa said...

First off, congrats on your loss! You're doing better than my plateau self is right now.

Second, I can't think of any female actors I enjoy watching. Now, Johnny Depp or David Tennant, I could watch all day. I thought about this once, and I can't for the life of me figure out what the deal is.