Dec 4, 2007

i'm really not stupid. continued.

in case you've been living under a rock, it's the holiday season. time to be busy, busy, busy and to shop till you drop.

and to be stupid.

last night, i was sooooo stupid.


yeah, i said it. ran out of gas.

what a dumba...

from an early age, it has been drummed in my head that to run out of gas was not only foolish, but irresponsible. and while it's right, it only serves to make me feel worse.

i knew i was low. but i was putting off the inevitable. i gambled and lost.

i had pulled out of the grocery store parking lot when it happened. and of course, the car just died...along with the power steering. for one brief stupid moment, i thought hey! i can push the car over to that parking lot!!

hmmmm. wait. maybe i am stupid. i drive a dang Chevy Blazer. it's huge as an ox and just as heavy.

so after i called AAA, i called the Husband so he could laugh. to his credit, he didn't. AAA showed up, gave me a gallon and yes, i hightailed it over to the nearest gas station. and filled it up.

what have we learned here? well, a few things:

  • always have AAA. you never know when you'll need 'em.
  • do not bet against your gas gauge. you will not win.

and most importantly - always make sure you have a blog - so you can share your "d'oh!" moments with the entire world wide internet.


doodlebugmom said...

Look on the bright side, you were in a parking lot and not on the freeway.

your friend


Pat said...

I used to drive an old Blazer. DS and I had to do CPR on it to get it started every morning!
Sometimes I kind of miss it though....