Dec 14, 2007

seen this one?

sorry. i can't find a video to share. but it's a commercial on Food Network.

an anamated Paula Deen walks up to a snowman, pulls out his carrot nose and replaces it with a stick of butter.

"because everything's better with butter.''

you go, girl.


doodlebugmom said...

Love it and I haven't even seen it. The little Guyanimated dude is so cute. I need to watch more often so I can see Paula.

Tug said...

I love Paula Dean!

and butter.


Melissa said...

Oh, yes! We were talking about that commercial at our church's Christmas dinner, because all the baked potatoes (it was at a steak restaurant) came with about half a stick of butter in them.

And then they brought bowls full of the stuff.

We wondered if maybe the butter was about to expire and they were trying to get rid of it.