Dec 15, 2007

the answer: about two weeks.

the question: how long does it take to get over a bad hair cut?

i'm in mourning. i never realized how much i've missed my hair stylist girl since she's been gone.

on maternity leave. pffffftttt.

come ON. it's just a baby. we ARE talking about my hair here.

kidding. but you knew that.

Debbie, my stylist, had been travelling down the crappy infertility road we were on for years. then she, like us, just decided that enough was enough and they were done. she and her husband split up, then got back together.

then earlier this year...surprise!!

she left work in October (which was good, she was swollen and miserable) and i'm hoping will come back in January.

the Husband does, too. he started seeing her as well. and since i've been seeing this girl for the last 10 years...well, ain't no one quite as good.

so, i made a stop @ Supercuts, along with Husband, for a little trim.
and color for me.

Gentle Reader - i had a skunk stripe two inches wide that i never saw until a potty break today, when the light in the room just made me scream in horror.


same horror i just had, when i saw my haircut. i said, just a trim, and she made some comment that she needed to 'even something out'

oh dear.

but at least when i got home and styled myself, it turned out better.
and the Pepe Le'Pew look is gone.

thank heavens. i SO was not in the mood to be chased around the city by a horny lil' cartoon.

in other news...

ready for Christmas, Gentle Reader? i think i am. just a few last minute things to do. what really ticks me off, is, here i have made Christmas Cards and so have no ambition to address & mail 'em.

and while i love Christmas, love planning gifts and seeing delight, i have no holiday spirit.

not quite a Bah. Humbug!, but neither am i ready to go caroling.

not sure if it's an attitude, or just feeling sorry for myself. which both really are attitudes, right?

if it's feeling sorry for myself, i'm ready for this to be done. things aren't gonna change. Target is not gonna suddenly carry babies in the Baby Dept. Costco isn't gonna have the value pack on kids.

more's the pity.

i think i need a hot toddy (Maureen, why AREN'T i up there?!)and a video night - A Christmas Story comes to mind.

but i'm not even sure that would help.

humbug indeed.


Tug said...

My hair looks GOOD about twice a year, so trust me - bad hair isn't a big thing. ;-)

I miss seeing 'Scrooged' with Bill Murray. LOVE that movie.

((hugs)) & much luck in the baby is so unfair sometimes.

doodlebugmom said...


Anonymous said...

I honestly cannot wait until this year is over. So, I guess I'm a bah humbug too!


Steff said...

Preach on! When I had to move I just knew I'd never find another lady to cut my hair. I literally cried! Thankfully, I've found someone here that is just as great. :)

Melissa said...

This year has been so topsy-turvy for me, I just wish it would get over and we could make a fresh start.

That would only work, of course, if things looked to get better then.

Which they don't.

Merry Christmas anyhow!

Susie Q said...

I am sending a hug...a BIG one.

YOU are so special. That is all I can say.

Love ya,