Dec 5, 2007

what i'm thankful for right now.

(warning: today's post may have more than your recommended daily requirement of sarcasm. use caution and read at your own risk.)

i know it's not Thanksgiving. but the Holiday season is the time to remember your blessings as well, so strap yourself in. this is what i'm thankful for right now.

  • AAA and their $7 dollars worth of gas (which, in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal. averages out to about 1.75 gallons).
  • elaborate Christmas light decorations on other people's houses. because i don't have their electric bill.
  • online shopping. because i get crankier as the minutes pass and cannot stand shopping with huge crowds of illiterate, unwashed and ill-mannered people.
  • tequila. which helps me get through the huge crowds of illiterate, unwashed and ill-mannered people.
  • the Husband who, i'm convinced, thrashes around in bed around 3ish, just so i'll get out of bed and he can have the whole thing to himself.
  • hot showers. (are you reading, apartment manager?)
  • Mama P's post on 'keeping up with the Jones.'
  • being moved at work. again.

did i mention AAA and their gas?

tis the season to be jolly.


Mama P said...

I adore this music thing you have going on. Makin' it? Did you know I attended a Passover dinner with David Naughton once? It's true. He was friends with my best friend's dad who had left her mom for another man and then got involved in Hollywood. Hence the Dr. Pepper connection. Yes, I know, I'm a huge celebrity now.

I LOVEEEEE your list. I am so there.

Hey, I'm So. Cal, too. If you see a dirty SUV and a frazzled mom popping Zoloft, please be kind and wave.

Or not.

Jolene George said...

Those are all good things to be grateful for. I ran out of gas ONCE. Will never do that again. :o)
I LOVE the shoplifting story...way too funny. The girls were such good sports for playing along.
As for the shopping...I havent even started. Not only do I not have money yet, but I have NO desire to do it.

Hillary said...

hey girl - i'm right there with ya!!


Melissa said...

At least you still have the proper perspective.

My husband thrashes in bed, too, but it's while he's asleep and doesn't have any control over it. So I can't even get mad at him about it!


Steff said...

Fa la la la freakin' la!

I just wanted to say I always think I'm the craziest person around during this season, but I can't help but love it all the same.

I need some help right?! :)