Dec 15, 2007

i'm OLD.

almost forgot.

on our many errands today, we stopped @ an electronics store that had a Nintendo DS out with the Brain Age game loaded on it.

seen that yet? it's a game for us adults, to keep our brains nimble & quick.

so the sample game we get? math.

SO the bad choice.

this game starts with the number 74.

now subtract 7 from that total. now subtract 7 again from the new total.

and so on.

guess what? my brain age is 70.

Geritol. yep. it's time for Geritol and Lawrence Welk reruns and blue hair and dining @ 5:30 so we can avoid them whippersnappers.



doodlebugmom said...

My kids have those games, I suck at them!

Anonymous said...

You ARE getting old! Heehee


Steff said...

I think I've seen commercials for that! They look like fun little brain teasers. :)

And you are so NOT blue hair, dinner at 5:30 old!

Mama P said...

I didn't agree with the "I'm old" comment until you mentioned the reference to Geritol. Which, sadly, I understood, which means I'm old, too. I'm 38. You? I think we're about the same.