Dec 4, 2007

last Saturday...

over the weekend, the Husband & i made one of our frequent forays down to San check the mail in a PO Box he has and to pick up a cd put out by a radio station he always listened to when he lived down there. we can even get it up here most days.

really funny stuff.


a trip down there usually makes me ask if we can stop at one of my favorite stores, which he goes for. and of course, since he has no interest in scrapbooking or whether or not these are the cutest dang brads evah, will stay in the car.

this time, however, nature called so he ran in with me.

running. the operative word.

on his way back, he actually hung out with me for a few minutes before he got all creeped out and hightailed it back to the truck.

and while there, i showed him this. i want it. bad. and, at only $60, it's pretty reasonable.
will he buy it for me? nope. why?

i need to be surprised at Christmas. (insert rolling of eyes here)


so as he headed back out to the truck, laughing at me, i called him mean.
and behind the counter, an employee, who witnessed the whole thing, was laughing at us.

'should i call security?' she asks?
'no,' i say. 'just make him buy it for me now.'
she laughs.

'y'know,' she says, 'we could take you out to the truck and tell him we caught you stealing it, and the only way we won't press charges is for him to buy it.'

we both laugh. then i said, 'no - go out there and tell him you're arresting me for stealing it.'

we both laugh again. then she looks at me, with an evil gleam in her eye.

'want me to?'

holy freaking crap. this is my kinda chick.

so it came to pass, that this girl AND another employee, walked out to the truck (while i hid behind a display, laughing my butt off), tapped on the window and informed my Husband that i was being held for shoplifting. after his initial shock, he asked what i took, and when they told him, he started laughing.

at that point, i called on his cell and when he answered, proceeded to do my best acting, weeping and sobbing that they were gonna put me in the hoosegow.

'i know,' he said. 'i told 'em to keep you.'

ah, love.
there's nothing like it.


Melissa said...

You are too much, chickie - too much! (And apparently, so are the clerks at that store!)

doodlebugmom said...

funny! haha! love it!

Pat said...

Hilarious, but aww, man - hubby is cruel!! If Santa doesn't bring you that - he's toast! LOL!

Tug said...

That's hilarious - yay for those employees! You probably made their day...

His Girl said...

I did not know there was such a creation!!!

Thanks for adding to my list of things I 'need'!

Susie Q said...

Oooh! I need to so be you!!!
I love so rock.

Hugs and love,