Dec 9, 2007

my wife's gonna put me in a home.

or so says Bill Engvall.

in my case, it's gonna be Brendan.

i realized this a.m., as we wandered through the OC Swap Meet, that on our last trip, i purchased a fruit company packing label.

i don't know where it is.

then i remembered at my trip before this trip to Target, i bought a mini Christmas tree - suitable, as the label said, for small rooms, RV's offices or apartments.

dude. it's a dang foot tall. it's suitable for my old Barbie Dream House.


like i said, i bought this mini tree. i even bought mini ornaments.

i don't know where they are.

so apparently i've lost what was left of my mind. CMS perhaps? (can't 'member shi....) Alzheimer's? hmmm... the possibilities are endless.

so...Kristie? i have an idea for a Christmas present for me. ginkgo biloba.

wait. forget it. i'll just forget where i put it.


Susie Q said...

Don't worry, they are with my earrings, car keys and a 10 dollar bill that I have lost in the last week. Oh yes, I also lost my memory and my self respect and my youthful figure. I can't keep hold of anything anymore!

Hmmm...I hear that another fab CA writer lady thinks you are pretty fab yourself! Oh yeah...that you is!

Love and hugs,

Jolene George said...

Hey my house we call that "part timers" because our brains only forget things part of the time. That way we dont feel like we're completely losing it. :o)

Anonymous said...

I've been taking the Ginkgo for a while now and it truly works!!! I wouldn't lie!

I am a frequent forgetter and couldn't stand it anymore.