Dec 8, 2007

dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

no. i'm NOT having a hot flash.

i'm just feeling pretty dang proud of myself. getting all puffed up and stuff.

'and stuff '? oy. when did i go back to high school? and yes, most likely, no self-respecting high school student would talk that way, right?


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i started out having one of those days when, by golly, i was productive.

i finished ornaments for my group @ work. i make two more ornaments. i finished up a project for a girl i know who's baby is having her first Christmas.

pictures? why sure. i'll post some.


i showered (and the angels rejoiced), dressed (my neighbors rejoiced) and headed out to Target, the bank, Michael's AND a little store by work that sells polo shirts that have a pocket in the shirt.

because my stepfather HAS to have a pocket in his shirts so he can stick his glasses in 'em.

then i came home and napped.


well dang. at least i started productive.

haven't done a dang thing with my Christmas cards.
still not sure what i'm getting B for Christmas.
oh and my mom's having knee surgery.

lucky her.

she moved funny a few months ago. messed up her knee, not that she hasn't messed them up many, many times over the years. so apparently this time, she's torn ligaments and they'll go in to fix.

knee surgery isn't good. it really isn't good on a 60-something woman who is, like her daughter, overweight but, unlike her daughter, doesn't move much.

no one's looking forward to it.

at least mamma has decreed that there is no cutting done until after Christmas, which is a good thing, especially since my step-father's granddaughter, husband and their kids are coming out to Disneyland for Christmas.

if i haven't told you already, my great nephew had been fighting leukemia. and while he is doing beyond great, they were chosen by the Make a Wish foundation. his wish, was, you guessed it, to go to Disneyland.

and go they shall.

Mom, on a recent phone call, says, 'well, i think we'll be having dinner Christmas day at the hotel.'

um, what? sorry. i'll stay at home, and order dinner from Knott's, thankyouverymuch.

i'm a little disappointed in myself. i started out this a.m. going great guns. then i kinda petered out. what i need is a wife.

yeah. that's the ticket. any takers?


doodlebugmom said...

i will be keeping your mom and her knee in my prayers

Melissa said...

I'm pretty bad about making a good start, and then losing steam, myself.

We'll be praying for your mom!

Susie Q said...

I never did get a good steam you were waaaay ahead of me!

I will be praying for you Momma...
And that sweet nephew who will have a super de duper time at Disney land.

Now, just blow off that steam and flake out in front of the TV. That is what I would do! *smile*