Dec 28, 2007

fly boy. part too.

"More than anything else, the sensation [of flying] is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost - if you can conceive of such a combination." - Wilbur Wright

"holy crap, i did it." - Husband

as long as i've know the Husband (back when he was a friend, then a boyfriend), he has wanted to fly.

his dad flew. his brother flies. and when you accused my Husband of having his head in the clouds, well, you weren't far off base, mister.

but that's another post.

he's gone after that FAA approval several times in his adult life. (you can read the extended version here.) the farthest he got was actual flying time.

he's back there again. he passed his test with a 93% accuracy.

i cannot tell you how bloody proud i am of him. i mean, really - how often in our all too-short lives to we actually get the chance to accomplish a life-long dream?

not often enough.

this is my boyo. my love. my life. and he's on his way to accomplish something he's always wanted to.

you go, boy. your dreams really are up in the clouds.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I guess. I'm scared to death of flying so I'm not jazzed, but I'm jazzed for him! lol


doodlebugmom said...

Awesome! Congratulations to the B-man :)

Steff said...

Well extra brownies for him! (Can you tell that I'm craving frosting covered brownies lately?!) Anyway, accomplishing a dream really is something important and something to be celebrated! So, when are you heading up with him?!

Susie Q said...

Go Brendan! That is a MAJOR accomplishment!

I wish I had the gumption...I always think about it but then I talk myself out of it.


Love and hugs,

smileymamaT said...

That is so cool. Good for him!
And I'm still laughing over Senor Compost and soap and green tea ice cream while listening to Zac "this kid's poster has TAKEN OVER MY HOUSE" Efron, singing Ladies' Choice. And enjoying it. Your site is so fun.
:) T

Jeff said...

Wow! I am happy to be able to drive my Jeep.