Dec 16, 2007

what i did during my blackouts.

and no, not the ones caused by benders.
the ones caused by Husbands Who Feel It's Necessary to Take the Laptop to Work.

not bitter. noooooo.
but i DID forget i promised you photos. here you go.
this is for one of our friends who just had her baby earlier this year. you can't tell, but i think babies made Santa nervous. he looks terror-stricken when you look at the photo up close.

next we have...

letters with a kitty paw for a friend


and front of an ornament for a good friend from work. (sorry, i couldn't get the photo to rotate without losing half of the bottom.)

and these are the ones going to my work group.

and an altered tin for a gift card. man. i hope the dang card fits.

there you go. what i try to do on weekends.


doodlebugmom said...

oooooh pretty!

Tug said...

VERY pretty!

I love Dan Folgelber's music...

Pat said...

WahHoo! You certainly haven't been wasting your time!

smileymamaT said...

you are so talented!

I burst out laughing at your brain age being 70. Me too, me too.

:) T

Melissa said...

Dang it, you're creative! Maybe since my boss has gone all post-dream Scrooge on us, and given us two (two!) days off for Christmas (with pay!) I'll get caught up on some stuff.

Or, most likely, my family will drag me from pillar to post to get their last-minute shopping done.

Mama P said...

You got a lot done. That is great!

Anonymous said...

Very nice chica. You do great work. We'll have to try to get together and be creative one of these days.