Nov 28, 2007

i feel bad, i feel bummed.

a girl i used to know had a little song she would sing when she didn't feel good. "i feel bad/i feel bummed/how i wish that/spring would come/i got a code in mah node."

you can translate that last line to 'i've got a cold in my nose.'

oh, not me. the Husband.

just a little head cold, but enough to make him stay home from work. which really is saying something for him. so i'm shovelling chicken tortellini soup down his gullet and hoping for the best.

like his cough to stop.

he has this cough that sounds like he's hurling. completely grosses me out.

i'm not a good nurse. thankfully, he doesn't like to be coddled. my grandmother wanted to be a nurse. found all things medical fascinating.

i do, a degree. but dang, i do NOT like to deal with sick people. throw some dirt on it and get back in the game.

somehow i didn't get that sympathy gene. which is surprising, i got everything else from my grandmother.

but in the meantime, he's sick, and i'm hoping to not get it.

so it's lots o' chicken soup for him, and Airborne for me.

and thankfully not much in tender loving care.

ain't i a stinker?


Mama P said...

Man, colds suck. Hope the hubster feels better and that you don't get it. And if you do, hope he's just as much a stinker back at ya - you deserve it! LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Melissa said...

Aw, poor Brendan. I know it's hard to take care of someone when you're grossed out - when AM woke up throwing up the other night, I had to call Jason in to help. Otherwise, we'd have had two messes to clean up!

Pat said...

I know what you mean - my hubby was laid up for over a week with his bad leg. I can be nice for 24 hrs tops!
...on the other hand, I have a cold in my nose too - I'm sure there's no sympathy in my future - I'm the mom, I'm just supposed to get over it!
Hmmm...sorry, sounding a bit grumpy myself...
Hope hubby's happy soon!

doodlebugmom said...

Oooh I love the new blue!

Hope the Bman feels better soon and that you don't get it. I have a head cold too, and it sucks.My head hurts, I am sneezing a lot, and getting to the cranky stage cuz I am tired of being sick.

Susie Q said...

Feel better to Brenden and do not get it yourself ya hear?? That's an order!

You have been so quiet of late, maybe this is why? Poor you, Poor husband dear. Except when he coughs. You could put a pillow over his head when he does that but...maybe not. That does seem a tad bit cruel. Or doooeeesss it??? *evil laugh*

Love ya,
: )

Love the music...we are Parrotheads here!

Steff said...

Glad to hear from you (though sad that your hubby isn't feeling well). Along with fa la la la la this season seems to be a nasty head/stomach virus making the rounds. Here is hoping neither one of us catch it!