Nov 5, 2007

celebrate me home.

over the weekend, i got an email. which is nothing really unusual, i get soooo many.

most of which want me to use Viagra.

lucky me.

but in between the offers for watches, scrapbook items, and yes Viagra, i got an invitation.

from a chick i work with.

for a combo housewarming-slash-40th birthday party.

wait...what? let me re-read that.

yep. she's throwing herself a birthday party AND a housewarming party.

see - it goes like this: this girl talks smack about her grandmother. all.the.time. horrible things. disrespectful things. just mean stuff. then her grandmother passed away unexpectedly.

and her mother gave this girl her grandmother's condo.

and paid to have it repainted, re carpeted and re designed.

and put cash into an account so this girl will never pay property tax or association fees.

and this girl doesn't have to pay any of the payments.

she is lucky. but i don't think she appreciates it. i know her brothers are still peeved about it.

so - here she is, planning a housewarming and birthday soiree. for about 40 people.

i think it's gonna be like me hosting that many people here in our apartment. especially since her condo IS a converted apartment.

but what i wonder i get her two gifts? 'cuz that's what it is looking like. and i hate feeling obligated to buy someone a gift.

it doesn't bother me at birthdays or Christmas...or even Groundhogs day. i love shopping for other people. especially for the 'perfect' (or what i hope is perfect) gift.

unfortunately, this girl doesn't realize how blessed she really is. and how horribly she treats people.

more to follow.

in other news...
yes, the writers are on strike. and yes, i'm still waiting for call and give me a big break.

Hollywood, i'm here. call me.

not only can i pretend to write, i can pretend to cook and fill up the Green Room.

see? double threat.

one more thing...prayers if you would, for my April, Susie & Pat. they've each got some heavy cruddy loads lately.
i thank you. and so would they.


Anonymous said...

First, I'd get one gift. Maybe something a tad more expensive than what you'd usually buy, but definitely only one gift, and

Second, you can't be waiting for the peeps to call you for writing because they'll be calling me first. Now, if I find that I'm inundated with offers, well I might throw you a bone, but ....

I will add your friends to my prayers, although, truth be told, my prayers are for our family most right now. It's getting rougher and rougher to keep that positive attitude, that smiling face and that love in my heart!

I need a drink ... or five!


Tug said...


I would just do one gift. Candles, plants, something that can work for birthday/housewarming together.

Much luck.

Jolene George said...

That makes me sick that someone who treated her grandma so poorly would end up with her home. That is wrong on so many levels. I'm not sure I could get a gift for someone who has already been given so much without being deserving of it. This is mean to say, but I hope she has a bad turnout for her party. The thought of her being rewarded for bad behavior makes me nuts.

Kenny said...

That chick has some nerve, I tell ya. Why not just skip the party and avoid all the cleaning and just ask people to buy her stuff? It'd be a lot easier on her. Bless her heart. And I mean that by the truest Southern definition.

Prayers for your friends. Cruddy stuff sucks. And for Jax, too!

katarinasmama said...

Prayers being said for your friends...then, I me...something nice to celebrate her forty-ness!

katarinasmama said...

Prayers being said for your friends...then, I me...something nice to celebrate her forty-ness!

Anonymous said...

I second that!! One gift definately! At 40, she needs a practical gift that she may not appreciate just yet, like "Investing for Dummies" or maybe "How to cope with the loss of your relatives...for Dummies" or maybe "for the ungrateful"! Perhaps a self-improvement book about how to better get along and be a better person... but if you do that, sign the card anonomously... Definately one gift and don't go overboard as it probably will go unappreciated anyway.

Just my rant for now!!

xoxox Maureen