Nov 11, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

especially in the crap, er...craft room.
they're 16oz paper coffee cups, and the lids, too. regular scrapbook paper, cardstock to make the sleeve, some ribbon and on the top (even though you can't see 'em) matching paper filling the indent on the lid and a holiday brad...just to be festive.
my fave, i gotta say, is the top one. i know, it's not Christmas in the 'traditional' sense (Husband does NOT like that one. all more reason for me to like it - bwa!), but it just seems fun to me. Love, Elsie paper & some cutsie sparklie ribbon.
these are going to the supervisors @ work for Christmas (so if you're a supervisor, just forget you saw these, 'K? kidding. no one of the management team reads this. which is good, cuz, you all STINK!!! so kidding.), with a Starbucks giftcard and something else...not sure what yet, but i've got till the end of the month and next month to think about it.
if you want a template to cut for your own cups, let me know.
in other news...
guess who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner?! cousin Marlen is flying out next Sunday to my sister-in-law's for two weeks. AND my brother in law is coming over from Sacramento with his two boys.
it's a mini family reunion. now if Marlen could only get her brother to come out sometime with her...
oh, the trouble we could all get into. moreso.
and tonight, we watched 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' the original, not the movie, thank heavens. talk about Instant Holiday Spirit. AND our satellite has a new feature on the info can see when it was originally aired.
this aired 12/22/1966.
1966?! good grief. i suddenly feel much, much older. add to that that Friday was my 20th anniversary at my company, well...
who am i kidding. i am old.
i just can't decide which makes me feel older - 1966 or 1987.
never mind. i'm just taking my walker back down to the home.


Lissete said...

CUTE! At least you use the crap in your crap room. I just shuffle my crap around!

doodlebugmom said...

Those are so cute! You are so creative.

I watched the Grinch too, the origial is the best. =) I will take Boris Karlof over Jim Carey ANYDAY!

Jolene George said...

LOVE the cups! They are wayyyyy cute!
My boys call my office the crapbook room. Normally that would upset me, but it does look like crap right now. :o)

Melissa said...

First off, I saw that the Grinch was on last night, and I still think it's WAAAAY too early for all that.

Second, yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my first day here - and since Anna Marie is only just 6, that means she was just about a year old when I started! (13 months, to be exact, but who's counting?)

This is officially the longest I have ever held a job. Yeesh.

Anonymous said...

Cute idea. I've been making gifts all weekend long during down times. Sad thing is, I've only finished two. lol They are taking a lot longer than I thought. But, that's two more than I had before I started. Only 11 more to go!

Everyone I know that I exchange gifts with is getting the same thing this year so as no feelings are hurt as they were last year ... don't ask. Strange friends!

And, well, if you're old, I'm frickin' ancient!


Steff said...

Those cups are absolutely adorable! I love it. :) Send me the template please!

Tug said...

I refuse to watch Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving... ;-)

But that one's a good one!

20 years at the same COMPANY? WOW. Congrats to you!

Pat said...

Those are so cute! What a clever idea!