Nov 16, 2007

all 'round the block...

i have not been kidnapped, abducted by aliens or sold into white slavery because i stopped to speak to a stranger asking directions.

which, kids, you should never ever do.
thus concludes your public service announcement for today.

no. it was far, far worse than that.

the Husband, in an attempt to not stay up all night doing homework (read dickin' around on the computer), has been taking the laptop with him to work and working on stuff during his breaks and lunches.

meanwhile, i go through withdrawals and wonder what i can do to fill my time in the afternoons.

read to kids? naaah. bake pies for the shelter? are you crazy? there are blogs to be read! emails to delete, er...respond to! shopping! there is shopping to be done! ONLINE!!!

and it has been a week.

Mom had an MRI today for her leg. you see, many moons ago, she fell at work (hmmm! could this be where my natural grace comes from?!) over boxes someone left around a blind corner. and occasionally, she tweaks herself wrong, and well...turns her into a frightful mess.

did i mention my poor Mom hates MRIs? poor woman would rather listen to the caterwauling of tone deaf tomcats as the Angelina Jolie of the catworld strutted by, than to go into THE TUBE OF DEATH.

even with drugs, she freaks out. and lucky her, she just got over a migraine this a.m. just in time to be launched into THE TUBE OF DEATH.

so she can get another migraine. lucky, lucky her.

and this week at work there is talk about starting a 5am shift.

5am? good mooglie googlie.
kids, i am SO not a morning person. a pleasant personality for me starts to develop around nine.


so, of course, if i have to start at 5, i will. and let me tell you now, Gentle Reader, start buying stock in Coca-Cola and Starbucks.

because i will single-handed make it rise tenfold.

wait...there's a question from the back? yes? can you please speak a little louder? why are they considering a 5am shift?

why to deal with the East Coast sales reps for our company, naturally.
the ones that will be contacting us for questions regarding their ads.
because their former graphics' office in Valley Forge is being eliminated.

yep. the office i spent soooo much time in last summer is being closed early in '08.
they were told on Thursday.

Happy freaking Holidays, huh?

someone out there asked, and rightly so, why they were being closed now, why not last year when they were doing so horribly?

a great question. with no good answer.

as i've told y'all before, i've been at my company for 20 years. i have survived five layoffs. three at my location and two at other locations.

there but for the Grace of God.

i feel for them. the few that did bother to talk to me seemed really nice. fun people.
people who have mortgages, kids and bills. just like the rest of us.

and although it's 'just business,' it still sucks for people who life still goes on.

in other news...

today, i woke up @ 3:45.

did you know there's a 3:45 these days? whoever planned it sucks.


woke up. had to use the *ahem* powder room. so i did what every good scrapper/crafter/player of glue & paper does...

i played.

yep. 4 am and i'm trying to open my eyes enough to see the glue i'm trying to attach to some wooden letters.

it's a sickness, i tells ya.

so now, i'm ready for bed.
and really, really hoping that 3:45 stays right where it is.

away from me.


Tug said...

How DARE the hubby! (hee)...I can give you a call @ 3:30 in the a.m. your time if you'd's 4flipping30 my time.


Melissa said...

Hope your mom survived the TUBE OF DEATH. I've never quite heard it referred do that way!

Doesn't it always seem like people get this kind of bad news, like layoffs, right at the holidays? I think it's even been the plot line of one or two movies.

Pat said...

So relieved to hear the aliens didn't getcha!
Sorry about the layoffs, one year they called my department into the office at the end of our shift Christmas Eve - handed us a baggie full of cash, and told us our services were no longer required.

Jolene George said...

3:45 and me and not friends. We avoid each other at all costs.
How is your mother doing? The tube of death does not sound so fun.

Susie Q said...

Now Brenden...we NEED our Valerie!!

Oh now...layoffs during holidays. Dan's company is doing this too.
Oh wow. that will be early to rise (and it does NOT make me wealthy, healthy OR wise) for ya. Hope it does not come to pass.

I am thinking about you...


Susie Q said...

Oh!! I hope your Momma is okay...I will need to do that soon and I have been avoiding it. Tube of Death!! Now that may help me laugh through an MRI...I will think of you and this and howl.

Tell your MOm I am thinking of her and, as a fellow clumsy lady, I FEEL her pain. Really I do. Hugs to you both.