Nov 8, 2007

oh, one more thing.

another reason to rejoice and break forth in song.

o happy, happy day!

i can guarantee you where i'm gonna be tomorrow morning.

my 29.4 year old feet are doing the happy if only my 84.3 year old arse would cooperate.


Tug said...

A new one with a drive through JUST opened up right next to me - YAY!!

Anonymous said...


Steff said...

Aww I've got a hankerin' for a tall caramel apple cider. Thankfully I've got a gift card buring a hole in my wallet!

Jeff said...

I miss my usual fix. Diabetes sucks that way. They do have sugar free syrups but it is not the same.I am happy, however, about all of the money I have saved.