Nov 4, 2007

...and the Oscar goes to...

an apropos title, considering the Writers Guild of America, West will probably go on strike @ midnight tonight.

soaps and late night talk shows are in trouble. this, however, could be my big break.
back to the Oscar thing. i always hated it, when the people that hand out the Oscars (i'm not sure i want to type out the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences) changed the line ''and the winner is...''
because everyone's a winner when you get nominated for an Oscar?
because ''it's such an honor to just be nominated?"
come on. someone's gotta win, someone's gotta lose. that's life.

and every bloody one of 'em would rather be a winner. fake gracious smiles and all.
hey, i know i would.

but i'm a long, long way off from having any nominations. at least for an Oscar. so - i put off picking someone to be my Honorary 2500th Visitor, for many reasons, none of which will interest you.

unless you want to hear about how the Husband hogged, er, used the laptop a lot yesterday, doing his homework.

and today, well, i was busy. finishing up Christmas gifts for my work group. a goody tin for the candy hogs @ work. photos will follow, no worries.

so. the winner of my Honorary 2500th Visitor is...

hey - did i mention i did some Christmas shopping already? a few Christmas presents for the kiddos in my life. craft stuff for our trip to Reno. oh, and paper towels.

because when you go to BigLots to get paper towels, you might as well do some Christmas shopping.

sorry. back to the subject at hand.

my Honorary 2500th Visitor is...

i am so ready for our trip to Reno. cannot wait to see everyone - and with a little luck, cousin Marlen might make a trip out from Ireland. and how cool is that? we'll be making paper chains for the Christmas tree, playing I Spy and i'll even be learning how to play War.

ooops. did it again. sorry. that was mean.

here's the Husband, overjoyed to be holding my Christmas goody pail.

hey! that doesn't look like candy to me, buster.

can you read that? don't worry, i can't either.

but Jacqui - you won! yes, you're a winner!!! you already know how to get me, so let me know what color paper and email me a photo if you want to include that.

thanks again to y'all for reading - whether you comment or not.

peace out.


Pat said...

LOL! You are such a tease!
Congrats to the lucky winner (wearing my best pasted on fakely gracious smile) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you like me, you really like me...gushing profusely.

Well, first off, I'd like to thank the academy for .....

Thanks Friend.


smileymamaT said...

Ha! The Hub looks so happy in that photo-made me smile! And I SO want to watch the soap the you write for ...let me know what time and which channel, I'm taking that day OFF...


doodlebugmom said...

Yay for Jacqui!

And we are all winners, just being nomimated....oh..umm... :o)

Tug said...

Congrats to the weeeeeiner!!

You write for a soap? WHERE HAVE I BEEN???

I have not bought one gift yet...I suck.

Steff said...

I demand a re-pull! I even had my speech prepared and everything.

Pout pout pout

Sorry, now that that is out of my system...Congrats to Jacquie...lucky girl!