May 9, 2007

a new medicine, unwelcome guests and addendum.

wow. a trifecta post. i'll try to be interesting..for a change. :o)

on Wednesdays, i head over to the Parents' abode to say hi and generally visit. (such a good girl, i know). and today was no exception.
last night was Bunco, and i opted out. Mom, however did go, and picked up from one of the girls three paper bag books that this girl wants me to put together. (fine. there will be money involved this time) she also brought back some little notebooks i put together before last Christmas to sell at the boutique at work. she was going to sell on eBay.

they didn't.

great. i'm a two time loser. can't sell at work, can't sell on eBay.

so here's my new medicine idea: EgoEase. you can take them and all ego issues are vanished!

they're fast acting! and easy on your stomach! best of all, you don't need a prescription!
ahh-hem. onwards.

this morning...i walked out of a lovely shower, feeling not only clean, but at peace with the world (obviously before i decided to smush my ego), when....

look! a visitor!!

that would be a cricket.
now i love nature as much as the next girl, just not on my pantalones.
what a sissy. needless to say i captured the beast, and set him free outside.
(and don't you be emailing or posting me and telling me this is a cucarocha. i know what i know and i believe what i wanna believe.)
now for the addendum.
'member the other day when i talked about nicknames? well, i oopsied. BIG time. one i was reminded of, the other i remembered on my own. (thank heavens. i'm not as old as i though)
Auntie Vowel and Aunt Balery.
AV came courtesy of Kristie's two babies...who aren't babies any more, but i just found out they read this rambling blog and i like to irritate them by CALLING THEM BABIES!!!! NAAAAAHH
Jourdan started calling me Auntie Vowel, trying to say Val and well, it came out Vowel. (Brendan likes to say he's Uncle Consonant. i say nice try.)
AB came courtesy of Maureen's oldest, Dean. let's face it, B & Vs sometimes sound the same, much less say the same, especially when you're just a little shaver. (and i know, Dean, you're not -- you're almost 7) {p.s. - he probably doesn't read this, but i thought i'd just cover my bases.}
semi-big doins' tomorrow. actually only big to me, and i actually missed the one i really wanted, so i'll go with this...just wait till tomorrow!


Melissa said...

Ok, glad you put that "don't email me" disclaimer in there, because I was about to! I was getting kinda worried.

The only thing worse than a blog with no comments, is something that doesn't sell on ebay. I mean, come on - EVERYONE buys the stuff on there!

doodlebugmom said...

I would have smushed that bugger!

Susie Q said...

Ooh...I once had one of those the size of a small horse...right in my bedroom. WE were stationed in Texas and I swear this thing was staring nme down. Now here is the embarrassing part. I was so scared of it that I dropped a laundry basket on it (He actually did move it several feet) and called Bill. WE lived on base and Bill was not too far. He came home and teased me...then, when he took off the basket and that sucker lifted up and hissed...HE let loose with a string of profanities, fell back on his butt
and then squished the things with his flight boot! Oh the mess it made. *shiver*

Okay, now I will try to earse that memory from my brain before I go to bed! : )

Anonymous said...

Valerie, I think you're in denial Hon. Sure looks unlike a cricket to me...and more like a beetle, yeah, that's it, a beetle!

Valerie said...

i'll believe what i wanna believe.
it's a cricket, dagnabbit.

Scrapworthy said...

1- I want me some of them pills!
2- Eeeeew!
3- LOL!