May 29, 2007

i am 45.

it's official. i now begin the walk down the middle-of-the-aged road.


i ended up going to work today, because the Boss called and said his wife was going to be induced today, so don't hate me, but please go in?

well, ok. but you gotta name the kid after me, since she's likely to be born on MY BIRTHDAY.

he laughed, that kinda nervous laugh people have when they're not sure if you're serious or not.

well, of course, i'm serious, dammit...if i'm giving up my vacation the LEAST you can do is name the kid after me...'specially since she's gonna be born on MY BIRTHDAY.

i gotta talk it over with the Wife first, he says.


today wasn't bad. just really slow (which i was expecting) and SO would rather have been at home, no makeup, watching Season Two of Dead Like Me on DVD (thanks, Husband!).

and thanks, Linda, for the birthday wishes on your blog and the ecard. totally made me laugh.

oh, and to prove i am ripe for a midlife crisis.... i present photographic evidence.

do not adjust your monitor.
that is a real, genuine nose piercing.
not the magnetic one i bought earlier this year (and was terrified the backing would come off and i would inhale the magnetic disk...sheesh. what am i, four years old?)

a real stud in a real hole in my really big nose.

did it yesterday in Newport Beach at a VERY clean place my friend recommended.
took no time at all, and didn't hurt NEARLY as bad as it did when i got my ears pierced, 27 freaking years ago!!!
(quick version of that story: i lived with Crazy Auntie Kay at the time, and she said ANY piercings was barbaric. i wanted my ears pierced, so on my actual 18th birthday, i took the bus over to the Lakewood Center Mall, to Chic Accessories and got 'em shot up. it hurt soooo baaaad, i ended walking around the mall in a stupor, crying for about half an hour. wuss.
oh, and Auntie was so angry, she didn't speak to me for almost a week. imagine what she's doing now, from her vantage spot in Heaven!)

i'm still getting used to it. i see it occasionally, and think it's really sparkly/glittery eye shadow. then i rub it.
it doesn't hurt. it didn't even hurt *after* the woman at the shop pierced it.

oh...about that woman.

nicest lady ever...was kinda like a grandma figure...i cried a little..well, welled up really bad when she first pierced it, and sweet lady put her hand on my shoulder and said, "you OK, sweetie?"

what was funny is that the woman had tattoos up & down BOTH arms.
definitely not my grandma.

oh and now, i'm announcing Random Thoughts - Live!
yes, for a mere pittance, you can hire me, yes me, to entertain at your parties, receptions (Jolene? just a thought...), Tupperware parties (only not ones that are fundraisers designed by people you haven't seen in over 20 years) talent? (and thanks to my dearest Kristie for this idea)

i'll be performing a Dancing Waters show.
out my nose.
i'll be using my new hole to create water illusions AND! by shining colored flashlights on the waters, i can color coordinate for any occasion! to any music you choose!

now that's entertainment.

so thanks - and here's to my next 45 years. heaven only knows what i'll do next.


Lazy Stamper said...

Happy Birthday! Love the piercing!

Allison said...

Thought about a nose ring, pretty sure I would get killed though.

Debating a tattoo, maybe for my birthday?


Melissa said...

Oh no you didn't!

Well, I guess you did.

You're braver than I - I'd be to worried about the logistics of blowing my nose!

Happy Birthday!

doodlebugmom said...

All I can say is ouch. And you are so much braver than me! I still don't have my ears pierced. Hey even clip-ons hurt my wimpy ears!

Hope you had a great day, dispite having to work.

elle said...

Congrats on the birthday...and the piercing! You are a brave, brave woman.
On my 39th b-day I vowed to pierce my ears on my 40th. Celebrated my 41st in April.......with "virgin ears" I could blame it on the fact I have really small lobes and earings would look goofy...but in reality...I was chicken!

robertswayze said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a nice day..and it was really wonderful going through your post...thanks for sharing all these with us..hope there is happiness for you always!!!!

Anonymous said...

I won't do the nose ring, although my g/f is pestering me to. At 40 I had a scene tattooed on my back. At 41, I got a belly ring. At 42, I just had my upper ear pierced. Me thinks I'm running out of areas! At least any areas I'd consider!!!

Susie Q said...


You are so brave girl...I was too much a coward! I just got the second hole in my ear and I thought I was so cool for an old broad! I will hafta get a tattoo and keep up with you! YOu are waaaay cooler than me.

Love ya,

Andi said...

They say it's your birthday!!! Happy birthday to you Valerie! Read all about it on Susie Q's blog! I got a tattoo for my 50th...but will have to draw the line at getting my nose pierced!!!