May 31, 2007

the nose knows.

nose hole here.
i realize there's been a lot of discussions going on...some in our own homes,
some love me. some don't. some can't figure out what i'm doing here. but that's philosophy.
i don't do philosophy.
i am, however, smarter than my host. so much so that i am here to convey her thankfulness (and thoughtlessness, i must say) over those out there that wished her (and me, too) a happy birthday.
that being written. allow me to thank Leslie & Melissa for the lovely cards.
SusieQ & Linda for sufficiently embarrassing the host while singing my praises.
y'all are SO on my Christmas list.
finally, to all of you who posted or emailed to wish the host a happy birthday...all i can say is why. she certainly is self centered (why else would she draw attention to herself by adopting me?!). although by adopting me, well, i can only say i'm an improvement.
(offstage sounds of a scuttle. furniture overturning. lots of screaming)
*whew* kids? you still out there? sorry about the hole taking over. he's been doing that lately. kinda scary. i'm thinking i may need an exorcism.
or is it possible to put it on mood enhancing drugs?
either way. i do want to echo the hole's views. thanks to everyone who posted about my birthday, sent me cards, via email AND snail mail, and most of all for your good wishes. this really has been the most fun birthday i have had in a long, LONG while.
oh and anything else the nose said about me is a dirty lie.

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