May 7, 2007

call me what you want...just not late for dinner.

amen that.

for some reason, i've been obsessed with nicknames lately. thinking about them and what not.

everyone has one. even if it's just honey, sweetie or HEY!

i have several. not all liked, some given by people that i have NO idea why they chose that.

back in the day, my uncle called me Buster. probably as in Brown. but i hated it. i think i connected it with being a boy. and i am a girl, dammit.

(the real irony is that when i was a young un, i had an alter-ego: Tommy. i would answer to none but Tommy, and woe be unto you if you called me Valerie, when i was Tommy. i told you i was bi-polar.)

moving on to junior high...i caught the unfortunate moniker of Fish. a play on my maiden name...and believe me, Fish was better than Fishface, which was the other name i got stuck with.

i know. it WAS mean. i take solice in the fact that the poo-poo heads that called me that are now either divorced (or unmarried - HA!) with five kids, are doing time, hard time, or are drying out someplace.

ain't i a bee-yatch? moving on.

at work, i have many names...most of which i can share here on this family blog. valshmal ( i like that one), valley (not my favorite), val-der-ree, val-der-rahhhh, val-der-rah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (for those of us of a "certain age" no doubt remember the song The Happy Wanderer. it fits. and actually, that goes back to my childhood).

then there's att-a-gal. yes, attagal. one of the chicks i used to work with gave that one to me.
she's notorious for giving everyone names. some just weird. one of the weird ones was to a guy we used to work with who got the name Woody. the excuse was that he was named after Woody in Toy Story.

the true story was that he once got a splinter in his palm. i won't go into more detail, family blog and all that. (you can always email me or post comments to ask & i'll let you know)

anywhooo, i was trying to get logged on the new computer system one day, and kept getting failure notice after failure notice when it finally worked. "attagal!" he exclaimed.
and there you have it.

and of course, the infamous val. it's not my favorite, but i tolerate it. it's not as bad as some and
everyone calls me that. well, almost everyone. the Husband calls me valerie. he also calls me sweeteepie, cutie, and ...sorry.
digress girl, thy name is me.

(hey! a new nickname!)


Allison said...

I was Allie when I was little (and Allie Cat to the girls in my cube)now I prefer Allison... some of my friends call me Al (but I was told by a friend that they shouldn't be calling me that, that's an old fat guy's name).
My grandma calls me Sweetcakes. I was Big Mama for awhile, didn't really care for that one.
And I really think that's it? Don't have a boy to call me all those good names yet ;) lol.

doodlebugmom said...

aww, now I feel bad. I know I have called you Val. More because of laziness on my part. 3 letters to type intead of 7. Sorry!

In college I was know as flip, everyone with the last name Wilson is called flip, right?

Anonymous said...

I've no idea why we've never met. We seem to have so much in common! I've nicknames I'd rather not repeat lol. Some of mine are Jaq, Jax, Jack, Yackie ... then there are the endearments. I've also been called four eyes, bucky beaver, Bugs Bunny. All when I was younger, prior to braces and LASIK.

Thanks for making me smile!

Steff said...

When I was little I was Steffy (and today only two people in the world are allowed to call me that!), but I really prefer Steff. Most people use my full name...Steffany because it sounds more professional or whatever, but I really like Steff. That's what my family and close friends call me.

My daddy calls me Darlin' or Sweetie pie too. I love when he does that!

Susie Q said...

Oh hey dere mean...Sweetie Pie! I like that one!
I have a bunch too...Grace has never understood nicknames...she tolerates it now but used to get mad and say, "Mommy! My name is Grace! Did you forget??"
My brother has one of every member of the family and that is all he calls tghem. Never their legal name. Never!

Everyone is Bill's Dad's side of the family had a nickname...and, of course, being a Navy wife, I never knew what some of what Bill's squadron pal's real names were. I knew Flash and Skippy and Lever and Doowop and Crutch and, well, you get the idea!

OKay, if no one else will DID the guy get a splinter in his palm?? Hmmmm???

Love ya,

Melissa said...

Anna Marie has been "Pea Snap" to mom ever since she was born. I've been "Pretty Eyes" and "Lissa." At work, I'm usually "Mel" which I don't mind - just don't call me "Missy!"