May 30, 2007

treat me like the princess i am...and i'll never let you down.

you may call me Her Royal Hindass Princess Valerie, ruler of all things cool and righteous.


seriously. i have had the best 24 hours ever. and short of the baby fairy dropping one off at my stoop, it couldn't have been any better.

work was so-so. but after getting home, the Husband told me to change my clothes, we were off to fine dining. and, not knowing where i was going, was gonna make things interesting. but...the Husband doesn't make me get dressed up to go to Red Robin for burgers, so i'm good with it.

we went here.

yum. yummy-yum-yum.

after they seated us, the maiter'd took our white napkins...and returned with black ones. we were both wearing black, and so black napkins wouldn't show the lint from the white ones.

i ain't in Kansas anymore.

the waiter, came by and said he was going to illustrate the menu before he gave them to us. then he pulled over a cart that had a basket of fresh veggies, a huge tray of steaks, covered with a thick layer of plastic wrap; the third tray had a lobster. but i figured it wasn't real.

as the waiter explained the different steaks they had, the veggies and salads, he then said "oh, and we have lobster..." and picked it up.

it moved.

holy freaking cash cow Batman. it's a!!!!

i swear if my eyes popped any wider, they would've split in half.

now i wasn't going to order the lobster anyway, but even if i was, i couldn't. see, for starters i bonded in that quick moment with Chris Crustacean.

no. not really.
i'm really enough of a baby to want my food to not look like it's original form. i realize it's silly.

i realize it's childish.

welcome to my world.

but dinner was wonderful. AND i got chocolate lava cake for dessert.

Weight Watchers be damned. i ate it all.

then came today.

we ordered lunch from a killer Mexican place. my friend brought root beer floats for dessert.

then came the gifts.

i got the new cookbook from the Deen boys. i got beer and beer glasses from a brewery in Escondido, just down the freeway in San Diego Co.

and tonight a group of friends from work are going to a BBQ place to continue the celebrations.

it's the never ending birthday. and even though my mother disapproves of my little stud, and my step-pop called me a barbarian (i think he was kidding...wasn't he?), it's been a totally fun, celebratory 24 hours.

and, unlike Lindsay Lohan, i didn't crash my car and end up in rehab.


doodlebugmom said...

my mind is so in the gutter, but when you said "little stud" i was so not thinking about your nose!

and i will thank you for not posting this since my daughter reads !


doodlebugmom said...

Happy never-ending birthday!

Lissete said...

I LOVE Morton's! My girls both milk their birthdays for days n end! :) I am glad that you are having a good one!

Melissa said...

I am so very impressed! Your husband done good, didn't he?

And I'm glad to hear that you're car is in one piece and you aren't in rehab. Really. Very reassuring.

Steff said...

Okay...that last post ate my comment. GRRRR

I'd wished you a happy birthday and then wondered if I was in the presence of someone famous. Do you really know all those people listed below? And if you know the Deen boys then I'm totally jealous. Bobby is so hot! Anyway, it sounds like you were treated like a princess...but after all it's no less than you deserve!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wooping good time!

Can't wait to hear how the after work party went! Should I telephone Promises???