May 29, 2007

by the way...

on YOUR birthday, did you get greetings from:
Donald Duck?
Keith Urban? (sigh)
Donny Osmond? (sigh. sigh)
your favorite San Diego radio station? (and on the card was cartoons of Ozzy and Keith Richards...BOTH of whom, i must say, i definitely look better than)
Southwest Airlines?
Borders Bookstore?

no. of course you didn't.

say it loud: i'm middle aged and i'm proud....


Allison said...

Ah, I definitely am jealous! Happy Birthday again!

Mary Ann said...

Hope it was a happy one! Nice to see you are two years ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Valerie. Hope you have a happy happy day ... who needs Donald duck anyway????

Keith Urban and Donny Osmond, welllllllllllll.

Steff said...

Happy Birthday!

You know all those people?! Are you I have a famous blogger friend here?! :)

Becky said...

I just figured it was because I suck! lol Donny Osmond? Sweet.