May 9, 2007

it's in the way that you use it...

courtesy of a tag from Jacquie...happy humpmyhumpmylovelyladyhump day, by the way...

The Tag is this: Name 5-10 ways you use your blog:
1. to write. (because i love writing!)
2. to share my joys and frustrations.
3. because a blog is cheaper than therapy.
4. to show off photos.
5. because i'm an attention whore. :o)
6. it's better than going postal.
7. how else would i have met the wonderful people i have on line?
8. because it's fun.
9. did i mention blogs are cheaper than therapy? get back at the people that tag me. (just kidding!! i couldn't think of something for #10!)

tagging all readers...but especially Allison, Linda, Melissa, Kenny & Jolene!


doodlebugmom said...

I did mine.

Susie Q said...

Cheaper than therapy...SO right!! *laugh*
Love your list!

You crack me up...I hope all is well your way!


Anonymous said...

Great list. Thanks for playing!!!

Love your blog, btw. Thanks for keeping up with mine!!

Melissa said...

I'll do mine shortly. And yes, blogs are cheaper than therapy!