May 24, 2007

what th'? - reduex

for starters, i figured out that the graph fwrom (fwrom? what, i'm now channeling Elmer Fudd?) the post about my accent was messing up the blog.

hence why i had nothing on the sidebar. whatever.

but i know you've been on pins and needles about the shower today.

it. was. good.

of course, we had some good giggles...and not all at someone's expense. for starters, the one girl in our group who told everyone else but me that she couldn't afford to go in on the gift card brought in some food for us.

she came in quite chipper and chirps: "i brought WATERMELON!!"
how lovely!
how wonderful!
how whole it is!


yep. she brought in a whole, uncut watermelon. she then proceeded to put it down and skipped away.

not exaggerating. she skipped.

hole-ley crap.
and it's only 7:15 a.m.

so of course, it was up to us to carve that bad boy up. luckily i brought a large sharp knife.

oh, but there's more!

one of the guys in our group emailed me that he had no idea what to bring to the potluck. so i emailed back a list of foods: muffins, fruit tray (cut would be good), cookies, cheese & crackers...

oh! he says - cheese & crackers - that sounds good, i'll bring that.

good. i think. my work for food is done. or so i thought.

so today as we're setting up the food, this fellah says "i'm gonna set up my cheese & crackers now."

sounds good.

ten minutes later, he emerges from his cubicle proud as punch.

he's decorated Wheat Thins with cheese-in-a-can. not leaving it out for the individual to squeegee their own cheese out. nope. not him. he's gonna do it himself.

what made me laugh was watching the cheese change color as the air hit it. eventually the cheese was the same color as the crackers.


the other good laugh was, this morning, as i retreived the cake from it's hiding place, i was, followed by a nice (but odd) young lady who was making comments on the cake: how cute it was, what kind was it, oh that's my favorite kind, etc.

so you are setting it out now? she asks.

well duh.

yeah, it's cute and it can be part of the decorations, so i think it's a good idea, i say.

well, i'll just come down with you and get a piece for this morning, she says.

wait.....what? it's 7:30. you want cake @ 7:30 a.m.? and you want me to cut the cake before our guest of honor has even seen it? what th'...

oh no, i reply, we're not serving cake until 2:30 when he opens the gifts. i'm sorry if you misunderstood me.

see? wasn't that better?!

oh, and everyone left the clean up for me. but i'm not bitter.

my boss was speechless. surprised. touched.
and we're doing it again in three weeks for another chick in our group who's preggers.

stay tuned. there'll be more stories to tell, i'm sure.


Jolene George said...

LOLOL! You have some interesting people at work.
I think you are a truly wonderful person for taking all that on.
Did you get a package in the mail? It should have been there by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. :o)

doodlebugmom said...

Do you always carry a large knife when you are around those co-workers???!

Happy weekend! (I am going to skip away now)

Anonymous said...

So glad that your baby shower was a success!

Wow, cake at 7:30 huh? Wow!