May 23, 2007

please knock some sense into me.

someone, out there in internet land, please tell me what i doing...and why i'm doing it.

example one:
i have just eaten an ENTIRE pint of Ben & Jerry's. Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler ice cream, no less.

my favorite part is the little shortbread bits in it.

example two:
i engaged my own services to putting together a baby shower for my boss. the shower is tomorrow. i have purchased, out of my own money, a $75 gift card for Target, because that's what the group wanted to give.

i had to pull teeth to get the cash out of these people.


i made a card, and asked each person i gave it to, to return to me, NOT to pass it around.
when i got it back, everyone had signed it. including those who haven't paid me.


i finally did get the money from everyone, except for one young lady, who told someone else in our group she couldn't afford it. which is fine, i get the whole budget thing. just please tell me, not everyone else.
my friend said to me that she was probably embarrassed.
i say she wasn't too embarrassed if she could tell other people in our group.

dang. i really am a snot.

i will be oh, so glad when this is over.

in other "crap, am i cranky and a snothole to boot" news, my friend shot an email to me, asking for help with a brick quote.

a brick, you say? why a quote on a brick?
there's an open space in Disneyland, between Disneyland and California Adventure, that has octagonal bricks. they can be purchased, and originally had your name, and location or a date on them, along with the castle logo.

my friend, who got married at Snow White's wishing well in 1996, originally planned on purchasing another brick with their anniversary date. but he missed the deadline. now he found out that former Cast Members (as Disneyland cast members are called), have an exclusive design for a brick.

so - me, being the writer, was asked to come up with something quotable. apparently, he liked my writing abilities, when we met a man who wrote a book on Disneyland, and my friend wanted him to autograph it. the author asked what he wanted him to write, and me, ever the smart ass, replied, "how about: to my bestest buddies - have a bitchin' summer - hugs and kisses, Bruce."

everyone laughed.
he actually signed it that way.
my friend is mightily amused. his wife is not.

back to the's my first try:
don't spit on me.

why not? it's accurate! for some reason, he didn't like it.

so here's my second smart ass brick idea:
whatcha lookin' at?

and my real one:
where our magic began.

i don't know what he thinks yet...haven't heard back from him. could be bad, could be good. but the moral of this story is - don't ask me questions if you don't want to hear my answers...especially when i'm in this kind of mood.

and especially when i've eaten a whole freaking pint of ice cream


Anonymous said...

OMG, you had me rolling! A brick? A brick???

Wow, wouldn't want to get on your bad side if you're in a bad mood. lol

Hope it gets better.

Allison said...

Mmm ice cream. They've been showing Coldstone commercials, and they're pure torture, thank god the closest one is an hour away.

And I ate a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's once... it was yummy.

doodlebugmom said...

Ice cream eh? Cookies are my weakness.

Not sure about the chica that still owes you, maybe you can get $5 a week from her.

Melissa said...

I love how your mind works! I think I'd pick the "Don't Spit On Me."

And that ice cream sounds DIVINE!

Doug Bagley said...

eclaires, mmmmm. a couple of birthdays I had them instead of cake--be still my heart, which it will be, still that is, if I continue eating like that, LOL