May 18, 2007

that was the week that was.

and what a week.

busy going ons at the casa. besides the terlit getting fixed, we had our sink replaced, which meant that it couldn't be used for 24 hours while it set.

and during that time, i went into the bathroom and saw two antenni sticking out from the drain plug.

well dagnabit, i can't pour water down the sink. so i decided to tap on the plug. it scared antenni enough to disappear on down the tube. that night, our handyman came by to take out the support holding up the sink while it set.

he also found we have a link that he couldn't fix. that means the plumbers are coming.

we also decided (after talking to Dave the Handyman) that we will have the sliding doors removed from our tub. hally-freaking-luu-yah. i get to have some style in my Early American Garage Sale Abode by purchasing a cutsy-wootsy shower curtain.

Dave came by today to take the sliding doors down. ooops.
i don't have a curtain.
he said he'd be back Monday.
more shopping for momma.

moving on...the CSI finale was last night...oh my freaking goodness was that intense or what? and if you didn't watch it...WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THURSDAY NIGHTS?
i already know most of y'all watch Gray's Anatomy...which i occasionally do, not that it's a good show but CSI....i so love me some CSI.

at work...
this week was weird. i worked my butt off clearing reports (as usual) and fighting to get the ad designers to clear their rushes off their desks before the pages go to the printer.

then today, my boss says "with as few ads as we have going today, we should be clear by noon."
i have to be clear by 2pm.
i laughed.

so, he set out to prove me wrong.
he didn't.
i was clear after 2.

it just frustrates me, because i feel sometimes like i'm the only one who cares about my job.
well, the only one in management besides the Queen of the Department. i know it's not true, but i guess i just care too much.

insert sarcastic laughter here.

sooooo...after that exhausting day, i decided to stop at the grocery store to get some goods, all the time bitching to myself what am i gonna do if the "big three" grocery stores go on they did a few years ago.

they were on strike for five months.

i'm bitching to myself because the other two options for me are the Hispanic market and Stater Bros. - the meats are WAY good at the Hispanic market. Stater Bros. however, is still stuck in the 70's - wood paneling on the walls, small stores, not the best selection.

but again, i'm worrying about things that haven't happened.

carting my groceries uppa stairs, i complained (again)(where are my complaint-free world bracelets when i need 'em?) that we lived uppa stairs, because Brendan feels better on a second floor. i decided to put my stuff away and call my mom.

ya gotta love multi-tasking.

so while multi-tasking, i also gathered up the trash and walked into the soon to be remodeled bathroom.
ohmybuddahstarsandgartersaFREAKING CUCARACHA IN MY NEW SINK!!!!!

common sense (and my mom) would say to squish the bugger. but i cannot stand the sound (aka crunch) that they make when you do. so, at an attempt to keep good karma going, i decide to catch the mugger and release.

the freak jumped at me. jumped. i've never seen one jump and i can guar-ran-tee this was NOT a cricket.

i let loose with a certain word that i really don't use much of. well, except with April and occasionally Maureen, but that's because they're bad influences on me. (hi girls, love you!)
oh, and i let loose with it on the phone with my mother.

oh bother.

well, several heart attacks later, i caught the bugger and let him loose. i figured it had to be a boy, because boys have done nothing but annoy me this week. (hackles down, Doug, Kenny & Cynthia's Husband. y'all haven't annoyed me.)

i flung that bugger into the tree across from my patio.

now before you ask why i just didn't flush him, if i wasn't going to crush him, well, again, i'm such a softy i cannot stand to see any critter, even one i hate, frantically try to swim out of a toilet. let him find a new home in my downstairs neighbor's place. after all, he keeps his TV on super loud, super late.

and with that, Gentle Reader, i bid you a fine Friday night.


doodlebugmom said...

We got rid of our old junk shower door a year or so ago. Got a cute polka dot shower curtain at the $1 store. (Cheap enough I can change my mind often!)

I never feel guilty squishing bugs. Although the crunchy ones I prefer to flush. My thinking is: this is my house and bugs are not invited.


sunnyrains show said...

hello i am a new fish!

Steff said...

Okay you have to get a curved shower rod! Those rock and you'll get extra elbow (among other things - wink wink) room and the curtian (a cutsie one I'm sure) won't stick to your body. I love mine!

OMG...I can so relate to those things coming out of the drain. I HATE BUGS!!! I can't say that enough. This morning I saw something (not sure what exactly because I didn't have my glasses on) but it scampered off under my bed and I couldn't find it. I've been wearing shoes all day.

Anyway, here is hoping that this week goes so much smoother! :)

Melissa said...

Well, I don't do well with the crunchy buggies either. I can't even bring myself to touch them - I usually run for a can of spray and wait for them to die from, ahem, "natural causes."

I have, however, found one in my tub of a morning and showered the thing to it's eternal reward. Sans me in the tub, of course.

Anonymous said...

Bugs, not good. Not good at all, especially the cucaracha type! I had one too many of those large things/beetles three summers ago and ever since I've had an exterminator every other month. I can't stand the crunch!!!!