May 25, 2007

stalking for dollars.

how i could forget this story is beyond me.

about a week and a half ago, i came home from work to find two messages on our machine. odd.
even odder is they were from the same person.

a person whom i haven't heard from or seen in twenty years.

twenty years, kids.

she calls again the next day.!

she calls again the next day. and me, in my little crafty area with no access to caller id, thinks it might be my husband.

oh. crap.

it is a girl i knew from my days in Rainbow. she was a state officer, representing California to the Great State of Kansas. i went with her on her official visit as a chaperon.
(i have a funny story about us getting lost in downtown Wichita, and going into a bar that wouldn't serve us lunch unless we were both 21 - and i convinced them that we were both over that age. actually i was, but she wasn't but again - that's another post.)

this girl is now married, three kids, and lives in Wisconsin. but daaaaang - the girl can talk.

"heygirlhowreyoudoing?longtimenotalk,letmetellyouwhat'sbeengoingoninmylifeigotmarriedandhad kidsandthenimoved to hereandi'mthinkingofgettingbackinvolvedwithRainbowbutireallylikeithereblahblahblahblahblah."

breathe, dammit!!!

so - as she rambles on, i come to find out that she had contacted another girl from Rainbow, that i had been friends with. girl #1 asks girl #2 if she knows what happened to me, and girl #2 proceeds to give girl #1 my phone # & address...without asking me first!!!

huh? i don't even talk to #2, and haven't since her mother passed. and she's giving out my info?
thank heavens she doesn't work for the State Dept. i'd be moving to Canada or something.

so. why do you think it is she called?

not for herself, but another girl that was a member of our Assembly, who also grew up, got married and had kids recently found out her husband has cancer.

what kind? they don't know. how serious? no one knows. cynic that i am, i keep thinking it's skin cancer, and while i don't discredit the seriousness of skin cancer (being an oh-so-fair-skinned chickie, i try to not leave the house with anything less than SPF45), i do discredit the idea of planning a fundraiser before we even know what we're dealing with.

three days later i get a packet in the mail from this girl with Tupperware brochures.

oh boy.

don't get me wrong: i will always help wherever and whenever i can. i'm just not sure which ticks me off more: planning to raise money for a crisis that hasn't happened yet or giving out my mailing & phone # without my permission.

i'm such a crank.

so - i'm planning a fundraiser of my own. please. give generously to help me battle the horrors of...middle age. do what you can to ease the pain of turning 45.

every little bit helps. (me fund some Botox).

after all, i don't want you to think i'm not philanthropic. but i don't take credit cards.

peace out!


elle said...

Here via Dougs blog. Great post. I thought I might know this woman from various family get togethers, until you said she was in Wisconsin. Maybe my sister in law is her long lost twin??? Oh ya, and moving to Canada wouldn't help....that's where my sis in law is! :) Thanks for the laugh!

Steff said...

You are so silly (or maybe it's me this early in the morning)! I love it!

Don't feel bad or cynical...I'm the same way with stuff like that. I mean I truly feel bad for people in need, but in a lot of ways we're all needy people. I'm going on a cruise...can I start a fundraiser for that?!

Good luck with your tupperware parties!

doodlebugmom said...

Tell her you can't help he out right now. you have enough trouble with someone else from Wisconsin wanting to live on your sofa!


Anonymous said...

I just think that stinks. I'd confront the one that gave out your number and say, "Excuse me???". I'd never give anyone out another person's phone number until I asked, even if I was sure it would be o.k.

You're writing is superb chica. I really enjoy it!


Allison said...

Hmmm Tupperware. Might be a good idea for my going to California fund.

Yeah! Wisconsin!

Susie Q said...

Oh sheesh...not cynical, just smart!
Who looks up someone they have not talked to in 20 years and asks for money? Oh yeah, people *I* knew! I guess we all get it. You are a generous person when the cause is real but how do you know with this?
Seems shady at best. And then sends you a Tupperware catalog? Oh double sheesh...
I would contribute to your mid life fund but I have my own to think about and I have 5 years on you! I need REAL help!! D'Oh!
*Grumble* That lady sounds a little
daft in the noodle...
Hope you are havin' a great weekend...enjoy the rest of it dear heart!'

Oh security word is actually *Obama* Now, when did you switch this to a political blog?? Hmmm??
Hugs and love,