May 15, 2007


rental living sometimes sucks. BIG time.
we have the parking gate broke in the open position. last week, a crew came out to resurface the parking area and fix some serious potholes. the manager, however, messed something out, and now we don't know when they're coming back.

the potholes are still here, however.

but, miracles still happen.

you see, my toilet is finally fixed.

we have two here in Casa de Us, and the one in Brendan's room has been running for almost a year. we've had the toilet turned off, in order to keep the peace with the downstairs neighbor.

we have tried talking to the assistant alcoholic, er...manager here and got nowhere. then with our last rent check, Brendan wrote a letter to the manager (who comes by each month to collect the rent - he lives out of state. do not get me started on that rant.), stating that we need the toilet fixed, a rusted, cracked sink and the gate at the parking area fixed, ASAP.

and now my toilet, she is fixed.

wow. i have two toilets. and they both work. again.

it's good to be a two-hole family again.


Melissa said...

Ahh, two toilets. We only have one, so when we go to my mom's and there are two, it's such a luxury to not have to wait!

Anonymous said...

OMG, a year???

You have more patience than I sister!

Glad it's finally fixed!

Susie Q said...

And the manager lives out of state?? Sheesh...
Ah...2 toilets is a luxury ain't they? Don't I got good grammer?
I know that when we had 2 the first time it was heaven. : ) I live for such simple things!

And that food stuff in the post above sounds oh so good.

And it is MY tush that is the size of Texas dearie. You must be one of the much smaller sized states like, say, Rhode Island. I got TX covered, literally!

Love ya,

Cynthia's Husband said...

I feel ya sister! When Cynthia and I were in a studio loft with only one bathroom we almost killed each other! Now our house has two and a half bathrooms and we still play the game of" Hey! I was going in there. You go to a different one." Now...I have no idea how the heck we made it with one.