May 23, 2007

call me Vlad.

we joined a group of my work friends last night for a birthday dinner.

going to Outback, a steakhouse, where food is just yummy good. the Husband isn't crazy about it, but hey - it beats Eastside Mario's, an Italian restaurant just up the street from the Outback.

we.can' but everyone else looooooves it.

different strokes for different folks. back to last night.

besides the Wallabeydarned, a lovely frozen peachy drinky-poo, i got my usual: the 9oz Outback special (a yummy 9oz steak) with Caesar salad and garlic mashed spuds.

i ate every blasted bit.

i was up all night.

never mind the fact that Husband was in the middle of the bed (leaving me with too small a space for my all-American arse) AND had all the covers.

up all night. why, i ask...why?

crap. could it be that the older i get, the less tolerant of garlic i'm becoming?

or maybe i'm part vampire.

as a kid, i always knew that vampires lived beneath my bed. so maybe...just fear came true. i was bitten by the vampires and, being a slow-acting venom, it just now is taking effect.

so i guess i need to stay away from mirrors, garlic, wooden stakes and silver bullets.

no, wait - that's a werewolf.
bla! bla!


Allison said...

Seems like every time I eat out now the food doesn't like me, no matter what I have.
I love garlic mashed potatoes... making me hungry just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

You are in rare form!

You are just cracking me up! Cracking me up I say!

Melissa said...

Val, Vlad - I think I'm seeing a pattern here!