Sep 8, 2007

where would i be without stealing?

new material, that is. shamelessly stolen from my girlie Linda, who i still love, even though she won't take my money for postage.


Five Bad Habits (and i agree, sweetie...only five? dang. i could keep y'all here

1)being sarcastic. now i realize it may not be that bad, but amusing as it can be, it's probably not the best way to be.

2)money. i probably spend more than i should on silly things, but i notice lately i'm a stress spender.

3) scrapbooking collecting. a lot like #2, but i'm really trying to USE more and BUY less. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

4) Wicked Wednesday. my friend at work and i have this habit of being, well, not nice on Wednesdays. it just started and now i'm really trying hard to stop it. because although we laugh our bums off sometimes, it's not part of the Gentler/Kinder me i'm working on.

5) being lazy. i'm trying to not put off things i need to do - for myself. wait. that could be construed as being selfish. maybe i could make that #6.

in other news...

i got my nose pierced yesterday.

wait...what? i already did? you think i've lost my mind?

that would be right. on both counts.

seems that yesterday, after showering, i was blotting my hair, then wiped my face. and yes, i managed to pull the stud out almost all the way.

once a klutz, always a klutz.

spent almost 20 minutes trying to get it back in. because it's in an 'L' shape, i couldn't get it past the bend.

the Husband wouldn't touch it. grosses him out.

so finally, frustrated and yes, crying (not because it hurt, because i was SO FREAKING FRUSTRATED), i pulled it out. and later that day, called the tattoo parlor that fixed my stud last time, and found that yes, the piercer was in and would be till closing.

which is 2am. i ain't a-getting a piercing @ 2am. i'm either sleeping or...sleeping.

so, after work, i took the stinking horrible nasty 91 freeway down to their establishment. not that the freeway is in bad shape, it's just that it's one of the major freeways in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal. that is ALWAYS messed up. either traffic-wise, or accidents or sleeping bags in the lanes.

yes. it really happened.

i got there, picked out the stud i wanted (blue. again)and filled out the release form. again.
told him i'd like to have it in the same hole, but when he looked at it, he got 'the look' on his face. the look that says - well, i could try to reinsert it but it ain't gonna be fun and i think this'll really hurt. a lot.

so i said, go for the other side.

(see - even though it had only been 8 hours, he has told me before that nose piercings close up really quickly. and although i could've kept the stud where it was, it wasn't pretty, hanging half way out of my nose, and i'm not into grossing out people.)

kids. it.didn't.hurt. seriously. i was bracing for it, because it hurt when i first got it pierced. it hurt even more when he replaced my stud. but this...not an owie, or a tear was shed.
and this place is quite specific on their after-care. wash 3 times a day with anti-bacterial soap and water on a Q-tip. follow with Bactine on the Q-tip and make sure to rotate the stud to ensure the Bactine gets in the hole.

man. my original place told me to wash it. these guys are serious. i like that.

so , now i have a matching set. a red owie on the left side. a new blue stone on the right side.


carpe Saturday, everyone!


doodlebugmom said...

geesh I haven't even been to the post office yet!

And I am really gross out meter gags really easily, I can't even read about your piercing.
(how pathetic is that!?)


Susie Q said...

But no picture?? Not one??
Oooh...ouchie..I feel your pain...okay, so I have no idea about the pain but since this time it was pain free I guess I really did feel your pain 'cause I have none...but this makes no sense at all. *sigh*
But I am glad all is well...

Love ya,

Oh word verification is:

Valerie plays? What are you playing out there huh??

smileymamaT said...

OW. OW,OW,OW. I did read that whole thing cause I wanted to know what was happening but all my muscles were squinched up the whole time! I think you're awesome. I don't know how you do that. I'm the biggest baby ever!EVER!
:) T

Melissa said...

You must've really, really wanted that nose stud to go through this TWICE!

Pat said...

-Love your list - it sounds like we have a lot in common! LOL!

-My sister and I have "Whiney Wednesday"...a day to air the dirty laundry...

...And just OW, and Eeeew! You are a brave soul!