Sep 17, 2007

fun things to do on a vacation day.

  • cleaning house. why yes, i DID hit my head this morning. how did you know?
  • grocery shopping (i do love grocery shopping. it's a sickness).
  • getting dishes washed.
  • talking to my sister in law AND my niece in one fun filled, animal impression (courtesy of the four year old) conversation.
  • baking banana bread. i love that it's cool enough to have the oven on.
  • renting Blades of Glory. dumb. sometimes funny, but mostly dumb.
  • thinking of napping. yum, yum, yum.
  • watching CSI season three on DVD.
  • looking again at the airline tickets for Thanksgiving in Reno.
  • having the Niece ask when you're coming to see her, and, after telling her it's in November, hearing her gasp of delight as she says, "Mommy!! she's coming in November!"

and some not-so-fun things to do on a vacation day:

  • sneeze so hard your ear pops.
  • putting freshly washed dishes away.
  • realizing after you've gone grocery shopping that you FORGOT MUSHROOMS. THAT WERE ON YOUR GROCERY LIST. THAT YOU READ WHILE HAVING YOUR TRIFOCALS ON. apparently i need a brain scan.
  • realize that your vacation day is almost over and tomorrow is back to reality. uggh.
  • my ear aches now. dagnabbit.

and one final thought...

as i left today for the grocery store, the plumbers were visiting the complex, replacing a toilet. they had to move their truck so i could get out. and this is what i saw stenciled on the back of their truck -

"Your S**t is our Bread and Butter."

ya gotta admit, it's catchy. you just can't make this crap up.

pun fully intended.


John said...

watching CSI season three on DVD.

Now that's a vacation! Taking a day or two to watch an entire season of a show -- that's real rest.

Pat said...

Sounds like the vacations I get - all you get to do is catch up from the days you are working!
...I rented Blades of Glory too - had a couple of good chuckles, but for the most part sounds like maybe your plumber's ad man also wrote this film!

Melissa said...

Mmm, I'm taking off a couple of days next month. Though, I probably won't get nearly as much done!

Susie Q said...

OHG...that bumper sticker is hilarious.

You cleaned house on a day off??Has a doctor seen that bump on your head???

I will do a post about a blogging weekend next week...I hope some people feign an interest! Heck, there is you and me...that is pretty cool as it is! : )

More soon...

OH! LOVE the job application meme!

I wanna do it when I have some more time.

Love ya,