Sep 3, 2007

celebrate A/C, c'mon!

holy freaking crap.

it is stinking hotttttttttttttt.

unusually hot for mostly smoggy so. cal.

and i would celebrate the A/C, except that we don't have it.

well, we do, but the main cooling vent bounces off a wall. therefore, it ain't worth it. not to mention the fact that it's at least a 20+ year old unit and well...

most 20 year olds are hot and this one is no exception. except it runs hot.

too hot to laugh at my own weak joke.

so....i have two (count 'em) fans running in the living room, and eventually i'll move the one osculating fan back into the bedroom (both bedrooms cool off really nicely. this living room however... well, we're calling it Satan's Veranda.).

last night, we tripped on over to the P's for a little BBQ action. a quick stop @ Costco for some beef and since we were there, hey! let's check on our glasses!

the Husband had one of his sets there. mine are still being worked on.
after all, any doof off the street can make single vision lenses, but trifocals? that takes skill.

so he now has a super cool new pair of square framed brown glasses. think tortose shell. and he sits next to me, in the middle of a bevy of fans, doing homework for ground school.

ground school?
yep. he's going to try and get his flying license. which would be cool; his dad had one. his brother has one. he wants to take me flying.

hell, as long as the dang thing has A/C, baby, you can hijack me to Cuba for all i care.

back to the BBQ.

my parents live in Long Beach and while their house is super small, they have a HUGE backyard. and usually, a killer breeze, which makes it the place to be.
add to that, my mom bought a 'dog pool,' which really is nothing more than a really small wading pool for really small kids, to dip her heated toesies in, and...not to shabby.

unfortunately, the Husband is now the King of the Grill, so no cooling tooties for him. and by the time he realized my step-pop had moved the BBQ so that the smoke and heat would hit him in the face every.dang.time. he opened the lid, well...

let's just say he was hating life. but he does flame broil a killer steak.

after dinner, he sat with us, feet in pond like some communal pedicure.

in other news...

we were off to BigLots today for some school supplies for the Husband, eye was caught by a wipe off message board and a cork board. instantly, the spirit of Donna Downey possessed me, and i knew i had to have ' alter. it's a sickness, i tells ya.

my sister in law, Maureen, can sew. i can only take crap and try to make nicer crap.
pictures later. if my camera doesn't melt.

just one more day of the heat. tomorrow it's supposed to cool down to 91 (from 101 today). and i know for places like Arizona and Texas, that would be a balmy spring day.

but we're babies here in California. anything over 82 sends us hyperventilating.

and rushing for our bottled designer water. oh, and A/C. if you have it.

peace out.


doodlebugmom said...

it's hot here too, and the bugs are feasting on us like its the end of the world.

I am soooo ready for fall!

Pat said...

It's been awfully hot here too - I only leave my refrigerated house when I absolutely have to!
Last night it rained, and the breeze that came in the window was so delicious!...the first hint of a change in the seasons...Yay!

Jolene George said...

I can't imgine my AC not working. I keep my house cold because I'm always hot. I sure hope you can get it fixed. I do want to see pictures of your altered board inspired by DD. I'm sure you are very crafty!

Melissa said...

I can't complain too much - we've gotten into the low 90's, after spending basically all of August over 100!

Ah, it's like fall already.

Valerie said...

oh yeah. fall. i'll unpack the sweaters.

skrpndiva said...

lol, Valerie, being from So Cal myself, I can understand exactly how you feel. I can't wait until the beginning to mid October when the sweaters come out. Man, some people put shorts on when it's 70 out and I'm putting on sweaters. We are babies here in Cali.