Sep 17, 2007

30 second job application.

OK. so it takes longer than 30 seconds. and HA! it's something i actually made up meself!

who are you: valerie
where you live: mostly smoggy so. cal.
how old: none of your business...OK, 45.
your favorite -
job: i've had some good ones here at the current work location. i pretty much like what i'm doing right now. and i like it even more when they keep paying me to do it.
food: my crazy auntie kay's fried chicken. the woman was from Missouri and could cooooook. but would never EVER share recipes. wrong, wrong, wrong. my second favorite is Kristie's chicken fingers. they SO rock.
tv: CSI. cannot get enough.
song: torn between 'Without Love' from Hairspray (Jax knows what i mean!) and 'Everything' by Michael Buble.
meal: breakfast. i LOVE breakfast.
memory from childhood: being Queen of the Circus and meeting Mel Torme.
good student? oh no. got enough to be a low B average. i always did well in english and history. PE and math - not so much.
bike or rollerskate - bike. i SO cannot rollerskate. but i can push myself along the wall of a roller rink. i push a mean wall.
would you rather...
travel or stay home: travel. everywhere. the Husband has been to a ton of places. i want to do that, too.
paper or plastic: paper. it's the PC thing to say. but plastic fits better in my trash cans. then i fill the landfills. man. cannot win.
fly or drive: fly. as much as i HATE flying, it's way faster. i'd rather get there and spend my time there. i know everyone says getting there is half the fun, blah, blah, blah. i want to spend my time exploring.
snow or surf: surf is all i've ever known. snow is nice when i'm in for the day, or i'm going home.
what you're good at: writing. well, i may not be good at it, but i love doing it.
what you wanna be good at: photography. man, i so wanna be Tara Whitney's lovechild. just a 16th of her talent would make me happy.

your turn. feel free to help yourself, and have fun. change around. make it your own.


smileymamaT said...

that was fun. I haven't gone rollerskating since i was 8....and I'm a surf girl, unfortunately, I'm stuck in the snow most of the time!

Steff said...

Okay...Sara and Grissom...a good thing or a bad thing? Don't hate me but I kinda hope she gets lost in the desert.

Valerie said...

are you kidding? i SO do not want them together!! i've never liked that story line. wanted to see him with that forensic expert from a few years ago or Catherine! but not Sara - she whines WAY too much!!!

Steff said...

I want him to get with Lady Heather! You know Grissom is a wild bad boy ;)