Sep 21, 2007

there's a reason why i'm chunkified.

bow before me.

i rule the world.

the average size worn by women in this country is a14.
so it's about freaking time that stores are getting way cuter clothes in larger sizes.
i know i should care about myself more. Melissa is doing soooooo well. Weight Watchers is good, i have had success with it. i'm just not motivated enough.

and, like a lot of people, when i'm not happy, i eat.

but before i eat...i so gotta buy the food to eat.

and that's why i so love Costco. especially the samples.


so imagine my delight when these lovely items found their way to my home.

let's start our little tour from left to right, shall we?

that would be Starbucks Frappiccinos. dark.chocolate.peppermint.frappiccinos. then, lucky me, they had the sample table right next to the displays.

i almost wept with joy. dang that was goooood. so they came home with me.

next - Harris Ranch pot roast. fully cooked. heat and eat. and yes, samples were available. i body checked a nine year old to avoid getting a fatty piece.

because we chunky chicks will NOT let anything get in the way of our food.

lastly - courtesy of LaBrea Bakery, Rosemary & Olive Oil bread.

and it was still warm. holy moley, kids, NOTHING in this world makes me happier than fresh baked goodies. i would sell my own mother for some fresh baked still warm bread and cookies.

sorry mom. but you would do the same thing. it's how i ended up in a Wonder Bakery for about six months, working off a debt.

but that's another post.

and it smells freaking amazing. cannot WAIT to rip some off and dip in a lovely mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. yum.

*sigh* grocery shopping. it's why my bum is the size of Texas.

praise Costco from whom all blessings flow. into my cart.


skrpndiva said...

OMG, you are not that big for Pete's sake. Why you keep saying you are is beyond me! Geesh!


Tug said...

Costco is the DEVIL. I go in there for a few things, and come out after spending HUNDREDS of dollars. I'll never forget my daughter's eyes the first time she saw a mondohuge can of tuna in there - THAT was priceless, & well worth the hundreds. That time.

and now I'm hungry.

thanks for that.


Melissa said...

I have often thought that if I was on the verge of starvation (YEAH, RIGHT!) and I could just make it to a Sam's Club, I'd be able to survive in style on the samples they offered.

Sold into slavery in a Wonder Bread factory, hun? I can think of worse places!

Valerie said...

we have said before that Sunday brunch should be at Sam's or Costco. totally could eat like kings.

Jeff said...

Real women have curves!

doodlebugmom said...

I never heard of Costco til I started blogging. Its good thing we dont have them. I actually hate grocery shopping. I never know what to buy, I cook the ssdd. I am in a kitchen rut.

jrt-ess said...

costco is always a hard place to shop... so many samples and so little time.
I agree with Tug I can never get out of there with only the things on my list

elle said...

Dangit. Now I am hungry!
That huge Safeway baked monster sized M&M sugar cookie I had with my morning coffee pales in comparison to the sight of that roast and bread.

I hate grocery shopping. I DO however, have an ongoing longlasting deeply felt appreciation for good food. Yum.
I need a snack!

Susie Q said...

Can I come over and chow down??
I LOVE grocery shopping you know!! And getting all those goodies that somehow leap into my shopping cart without me knowing it. Of course I buy them so as not to hurt their feelings.