Sep 12, 2007


just when i think there's hope for humanity, this comes along.

once again i tried to return my membership card for the human race. once again, they sent it back.

*caution - this is a disturbing story. don't let your kids obviously read it. and once you do, if you do, say a prayer for these people. and this planet. *


Susie Q said...

Yup, they should all be tortured in the same way then put out of OUR misery. I hate it when I feel that way but dang. These people are not human. Wait, they are because no animal would behave this badly.

IT is a horrible story.

Love ya,

Melissa said...

I can't even comprehend people acting that way. How can someone feel justified in treating a fellow human being with such disregard and disrespect?

I guess they've never heard of the concept of "reaping what you sow." Payback for that group is going to be rather rough.

Anonymous said...

I just read this article this morning myself. It sickened me. WTF do people think they are doing? It makes me ill that we seem to be going backwards instead of forwards!


Kenny said...

What a disgusting looking group of "people"! Let's just hope the judge/jury will throw 'em to the wolves and there will be no "deals" made. Disgusting!

Steff said...

I am always amazed that there are people out there with so much hate in their hearts. How does that happen?

At least I can understand why the DA isn't going for just the ruling of a hate crime. He should go with whatever the hell gets those people put away for the longest amount of time.

jeff said...

Wow! It is so damn sad that there are still some ass-backward people left in this world.