Sep 14, 2007

see what stalking can do?

so, after months of stalking, stalking and more stalking, Jax and i finally met.

i had ditched, er...taken a vacation day from work today, and so although my original plan got completely rearranged (laundry, Downtown Disney for benignes, coffee, photo ops and then Hairspray the movie) to laundry, movie. bloody Downtown Disney changed their movies today, and Hairspray wasn't playing.

so off we went to Tustin...a few more miles on the freeway.

and i was almost late, thanks to the unpredictable traffic on the freeway.

but - i got there. and had with extra cherry...spillage. pretzles.

and laughs. lotsa laughs. and lots of walking. bwa!

thanks so much, honey. it was a ton of fun and i'm bummed we didn't do it sooner.


Steff said...

Sounds like fun...I think our little group of bloggers need to meet in a central location for a fun weekend getaway!

Susie Q said...

Dang but I wish I coulda been there...maybe next year...I am thinking about planning a blogging weekend...where? Don't know...I guess if anyone thinks it would work, we could see who would come and where we should do it next year. Think you would want to??